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I am familiar with different stretching forms, but I haven't found a form that seems to work without  causes problems in other parts of my body. Being into weight training, I used a golgi tendon threshold stretch (Bob Parillo) which would be done in between sets. This worked well for quads or biceps but during my hamstring workouts I was partial to contract agonist stretch agonist stretching. Also what is you take on Dr. Stark's The stark reality of stretching? Right now I am attempted to use stretching to prevent pain by stretching muscles that are pulling on my weak links. Any suggestions?

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a pleasure to help and I hope the following is beneficial.

Firstly, I wouldn't recommend any stretching in between your sets, except for some very gentle, short-hold static stretching. Slowly move into the stretch until you feel mild tension, hold it for no longer than 2 or 3 seconds, and then relax. Save the intense stretching (or more advanced stretching) for after your work out, or in the evening.

It's been a while since I read Stark's book, but I just had a quick flick through it and a lot of the fundamentals are covered well. The last revision was done back in October 1999, so it could do with a bit of an update, but the basics are there.

And if you're looking to use stretching to reduce pain, take a look at the article; "Reduce Your Chronic Pain by Avoiding These 3 Stretching Mistakes"

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit Injury Fix.

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