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Hi Brad,
         Its Rick again. I understand that the piriformis is an external rotator of the hip. It seems, though, that thinking was somewhat skewed because I have been always attempting to bring the greater trochanter (piriformis insertion point) across the body to produce internal rotation of the hip. When reviewing difference stretches for the piriformis that say to place the hip in "external" rotation before stretching. This seems contradictory. Why would you do this? My only guess would be that the external rotated position would allow one to pull the origin away from the insertion site. The recumbent hip external rotator stretch (with crossed leg)comes to mind. Could you help clarify how the different stretches  work?

Hi Rick,

You're actually on the right track. Because the piriformis inserts at the greater trochanter of the femur, and the greater trochanter sticks out from the hip joint, the piriformis can be manipulated in more than one direction. So it's a little more complex than a traditional joint, like the knee joint for example, where the quads extend the knee so to stretch the qauds you need to flex the knee joint.

You'll still get the best piriformis stretch from those positions where the hip is in internal rotation and adduction, but you'll also get a secondary stretch from other positions as well.

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