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I have recently started back with getting back in shape. 1/6/2014 had a slip n fall at my old job. Injured lowerleft side above the buttox and tailbone region. I did pt therapy in feb of this yr. Then I reinjured it again in june. Cux of my ability to recover from this 2nd accident lifting to heavy of items. So I did laser therapy it worked felt more mobility doc then had a slip for yoga. Started that.  I as of 2 weeks ago started walking on a teadmill after this past monday I felt a slight tingling sensation on the left side area it dodnt hurt though.. Should I keep going or stop the exercise? I do not run on treadmills cux it causes pain in my back.

Hi Marcy,

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a pleasure to help and I hope the following is beneficial.

I would encourage you to keep going, but because of your recent injuries there are certain precautions you should take. Just stick with the walking for the time-being and stop any other activity that causes pain.

Spend more time doing gentle stretching exercises; especially after walking on the treadmill. And maybe even consider getting a massage.

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit

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