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QUESTION: your credentials and accomplishments are impressive!

here is my story...i took two long walks after not having walked for a while, plua a third one down and up a steep hill . i was not stressed or overly tired and felt fine. then all of a sudden i developed a severe pain right about the crease between the abdomen and the legs, on my right side. Even though it really hurt, the next day i worked out in the garden for about three hours, pulling weeds. that evening i developed severe pain in my derriere on the right side, and that night the pain turned to spasms.

it has been over a week now, and i did exercises that i read about for the piriformis muscles [you know what they say about a little bit of knowledge?] thankfully, though, it did indeed seem to help and yeah, i have no more spasms.

both pains lessened when i finally read that i should decrease physical activity. however, yesterday, i spent a lot of time walking around the house and stores, and today the pain has returned, albeit not anywhere as severe as before.

my queries...can i get this kind of injury from the little i did, and how can i [hopefully] completely recover? thank you for any ideas you can offer.


Thanks for your inquiry.

Without being able to consult with you personally I can only offer you some general recommendations, but from what you describe it sounds like you've just over done it, rather than caused a major injury.

Treatment for the next 7 to 10 days should be rest, heat, massage and VERY gentle stretching.

If you need examples of stretching exercises to do, take a look through the list of muscle groups at the link below for videos you can watch...

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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QUESTION: thank you so very much for your response.

i hope you will not mind if i ask another query or two to make sure i understand your advice...

i would like first to reiterate my question from last time?....can i get this kind of "injury" from the little i did? so i can replace the word injury with to ask again, in your experience, could this pain come from the little i did? and also, you said you thought it might not be an injury, what would it be called?

it has now been almost two weeks since the inception of the original pain,  . i did rest for a few days and that is when the pain in the ? area got a little better. the derriere muscles are not sore most of the time, just sometimes during the night i wake up from the pain, though thankfully the spasms seem to be gone.

so question, since it has been almost two weeks, should i still try to rest and also you said heat [instead of ice?] i did rest for two days and it did seem to help. but i have not been resting since, and the pain is less but definitely still there and sharp. so in your opinion, the rest even now would help??

i appreciate that you can not tell me anything definitively, but what could this be? i was weeding and bending down for quite a while when i first had the sharp attack of pain right above the "crease" [whatever would that area be called. by the way?] would it be in the realm of possibilities that if i follow your ideas of rest and heat and stretching, that this could go away completely? [and hopefully not return?]

thank you for your suggestions. i am so very appreciative.

Hey Sam,

Like I said; without being able to consult with you personally I can't be 100% sure. It could be a minor strain, but whether it's a strain or you've just over-done-it the treatment is the same.

And yes, this could have come from the little you did. You may have twisted something or pulled something without noticing at the time, and it isn't till later that it starts to hurt.

Yes, rest is important even though it's been 2 weeks. And keep up with the heat, massage and VERY gentle stretching.

The area you're talking about is the hip flexor (Iliopsoas muscle) and you can read more about it here...

And yes, you can expect a full recovery if you stick with the rest, heat, massage and VERY gentle stretching.

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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