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QUESTION: Good morning,

I wanted to ask your thoughts on the strip club scene and money, tips etc.

I'm 24 and engaged, although no date has been set yet for the wedding.

Last November i had breast implants, i went up to a EE.  I had always liked the big fake look on ladies, and although my partner was against me doing it i told him it was my money and it was what i wanted.
Up until that point i had always been quite reserved, but after having the implants i gained a lot of confidence in my body.  I knew they were the first thing people noticed about me and i found it hard not to play up to it and wear clothes that showed them off.

In August i went on a works party and we ended up in a strip club, a few miles away from where i live.  I have to say i enjoyed it, i enjoyed the atmosphere and the night.  I got talking to the manager of the club and he commented on my body and asked if i'd ever considered being a stripper / lap dancer.  I said i hadnt done, no, and he gave me his business card and asked me to call him when i wanted a trial and i laughed and said 'You're confident aren't you?! and he smirked and said my body deserved to be on his stage and walked off.

I didnt say anything to my partner about the chat, i didnt feel the need because i told myself i wasnt interested.  I went away on holiday with my partner at the start of September and before i went to bed one night i text the manager and said i wanted the trial and would contact him when i got back and he replied saying to make sure i worked on my tan on holiday!  

I phoned him when i returned home and he offered me the chance to do a trial in front of him and the owner before the club opened and i agreed.  I was nervous but excited and although i wasnt particularily good, being my first time, i got into and enjoyed it.  I was then asked to do a private dance for the owner, which i did.  I left feeling empowered and amazing, it was a real buzz.

They have offered me the chance to work for them and i have told them i will think about it ans get back to them with a definate answer shortly.  I havent told my partner because up until this point there was no offer on the table, but now there is.

How much does a good stripper make?  What are tips like?  Do some girls have sex with some of the clients as 'extra' activities?  

I have so many questions!!

Jayne x

ANSWER: Jayne,

It sounds like you had the same feeling I did when I danced. It made me feel empowered and beautiful. I think there are many great sides to dancing at a strip club. You meet lots of great people, every night is like a party, not like work, you make really good money, and you get great exercise. Dancing is all about what you want to do, if you feel that it's something you want to do, an experience you'd like to have, then you need to do it, or you may wish you had later on in life. I danced for almost 2 years, I started because I couldn't find a job, then ended up staying because I loved it so much. I ended up quitting for my current boyfriend and I still miss it everyday.

What you make depends on the club and you as a dancer. For example, I worked in a very small club that was only busy on the weekends and I pulled in $100-$300 without even trying, that's about $50 in stage tips and the rest in lap dances. I also worked for a little while at a very high end club that was huge and I would make anywhere from $200-$600 a night without trying, and that was with about $200 being stage tips and the rest being dances. It's all about how popular you are with the customers and how well you do at hustling for dances and all that. You will learn to work certain customers, for instance younger guys want the wild stripper fantasy where you act horny, and older men want you to talk to them and make them feel special. Then you can start getting regulars who will only come in to see you and that's how you make even more money.

Tips are all about what you do on stage. If you can tease, as if not to show certain things or do certain things until they tip, it's all up to you how much u can work. Sometimes of course it doesn't matter, you will have your good tippers and your bad tippers. You will have those who throw piles of ones because they are having such a good time and those who are rude enough to sit up at your stage and just stare without tipping at all. But your attitude and outlook can change things from night to night. Depending on you, the earning possibilities can be huge. Most clubs I've dealt with will require you to pay them a percentage of what you make, so be ready for that as well, most clubs will also charge you a fee to dance every night. For example, my small club charged only $10 per night for me to dance, the larger, more upscale one charged $80 a night.

About your sex question, the answer is both yes and no. There will always be those types of girls in a place like that who will go further, then you will find girls who would never have sex with customers, just dance in the club. All club however who are good clubs and are operating legally, will not allow it to go on. My club made it a fireable offense just to exchange numbers with a customer. We also had a 6 inch rule and were not allowed to touch our private parts against the customers. The contact rules come from whether or not the club as liquor, of course you are in England I see, I don't know how much more different the rules are over there than here in America. but here, prostitution is illegal and our clubs for the most part will prevent it from happening anywhere in there club or with their girls. I personally knew 2 girls who got fired for doing such things with customers. Honestly just keep it in the club where the environment is safe, follow their rules and have fun and you will make money just fine, because it sounds like your head is in the right place for making good money.

I went to work every night, even my night off, because I enjoyed it so much, I got to the point where I knew half of the people in the club on any given night, I made a lot of great friends among the girls, the manager was a great guy and every day I wish I could go back because I miss it so much.

If you have anymore questions about the subject please feel free to ask and I'd love to answer.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thankyou for your quick reply!

I spoke to my fiance last night and told him about the offer and told him i want to give it a go and become a stripper.  It erupted into a massive arguement and he told me he did not want me to do it and i told him that i wanted to give it a go and see if i liked it.

I stayed at my friends last night to difuse the situation, i couldnt handle the arguing with him.  When i got to my friends i phoned the owner of the club and accepted his offer, and i start tommorrow night.  I just have to give it a go, ever since the Manager of the club gave me his business card and confidantly predicted i would call him the urge has grown and grown in me to become a stripper.  After doing the trial i felt amazing and that made my mind up for me.

My partner cannot handle the confidence i have gained since having my breast implants, he wants the old reserved version back.  I'm not meaning to sound arrogant by this, but i know my body is hot and i know guys stare at my body and want me and its given me a massive confidence boost.

Do strippers have normal relationships?  Or are most strippers single because of the work they do and the fact men cant handle it?  

I'm going to start working there tommorrow and give it my best to become the best stripper they have and to make the most money i can......i'm focused and determined on becoming the number one girl at the club, the one the guys all want dances with.

Jayne xx

Hey Jayne,

I'm a bit envious you are going to start stripping because I wish so much I could do it again, but my boyfriend hates it and would not be with me if I decided to strip again, some guys just cannot handle it. Yes, my current boyfriend is sort of the same as yours, he thinks being a stripper has made me too confident and thinks I like attention from men because of dancing. It's true, being a stripper, especially if you're a good one and a popular one like I was, made me extremely confident and proud. I reached expert level pole dancing and had dreams to become an pole dancing instructor but my boyfriend didn't even want me to do that because he didn't want me encouraging other girls to strip, what an asshole right? Ha!

It sounds like you definitely have the confidence and the state of mind of a girl who will do very well and make good money. I'm sorry it has caused trouble in your relationship but you need to do what you want otherwise you won't be happy with your life. You don't want a jealous boyfriend or one is insecure either who can't stand other guys looking at you.

Many of the strippers I worked with, including me, had normal relationships, and others had fucked up relationships or none. It's just like the outside world. But, honestly when I had the best relationships, it was from a guy that I met at work. Which you normally cannot exchange numbers with people at work, but we found a way if we really liked a guy and wanted to go out with him. Every once in a while you will come across that hot guy who really likes you that just came to your club once or twice. Those are who I found and I dated a couple of them, they were totally fine with me being a dancer, but of course, they were very confident guys, unlike my current boyfriend. The funny thing is, when I met my current boyfriend, he knew I was a stripper and we lived together for 6 months while I stripped and he didn't mind me supporting him on the money. At first he thought it was hot but after a while he started to change his mind and get insecure then he one day totally didn't want me to do it anymore. It all depends on the guy you are seeing, they may be fine with it to begin with then change their mind. But as I said I've dated a couple who were very confident and acted like grown men who could handle it, I'm sure you can too. A lot of men cannot handle it, but that's how you weed out the boys and discover a good man ha ha!

I hope you do well, as I said I was very popular and always knew everyone, and that made work so much fun. If you are social and talk to all the customers you will make more money. I would love to know how you do, you can keep sending me questions and discussing your nights if you'd like every now and then. And if you run into things where you need advice, just let me know. Good luck and have fun!

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