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Well this is my second week stripping and i love it!!! :) I'm getting much more confident around the club and i'm going down well with the customers.  My fake breasts are larger than the other strippers and the guys seem to love the look i have so i'm proving to be quite popular which is great.

A couple of the long term girls have been very bitchy towards me and i think they see me as a real threat to their earnings, but everyone else is brilliant and i really enjoy it.

I've had major issues with my partner though.  I finished my first week last Friday and he was just horrible towards me and i thought 'i cant be bothered with you' so i've moved out and i'm living with a stripper that works at my club, she had a spare room.  I've told him i will think about what to do next between us and he has been sending me lots of nice texts.  My new house mate has a pole in her front room so its been great to get lots of extra practice in, but i really dont know what to do about my partner :(

After finishing my shifts i am always horny and thats frustrating me, however i dont want to get back with him just to satisfy my cravings.

Jayne xx

ANSWER: Jayne,

Glad to hear that you are loving it. Sorry to hear a couple of the girls are acting bitchy, but pay no mind to them, I had that once in a while as well, and it does in fact mean they are threatened by you in some way, and they will either come around and be friends or they won't, if they don't you don't want them as friends anyway. One thing I found working at the strip club is there are a lot of really cool gals, I never had a girl as a friend in my life until I worked at the strip club :).

Sorry to hear about your partner, but this job will bring out his true nature. If a guy is insecure and jealous you don't want that, because then he will possibly try to become controlling. You also don't want a guy that is not confident enough to know you are his. He could still come around and may just not know how to handle your new job and new found confidence.

I personally never got horny after my shifts, unless it was an attractive customer Ha ha!. So, I couldn't say how to handle that, but I normally had a guy I was dating throughout being a stripper so that always helped. If you feel like it, date a little bit, that may calm your frustrations.

Just want to say, you're from the UK? My mom is from there, and I still have a bunch of family living in London. I hope to visit there one day to see what it's like.

Hope to hear more stories from your work soon!

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Yeah i live just outside of London, about 10 miles from the centre...You should come and visit (although it always rains!!).

My partner phoned me last night begging me for another chance and telling me he would accept who i now am.  I'm enjoying living with Carmen, because she's an experienced stripper its cool being around her and we really get on with each other.  I told him that i want some space and wont be moving back to the home anytime soon but i appreciate his comments and commitment.  

I just dont know Adena, my feelings towards him have changed a lot since i became a stripper.  His lack of confidence is something that will not change in him, i found it endearing when i first met him but i'm a different girl now and doing this job has made me realise i need a strong and confident man.  I also feel it may be time to have some fun, date a few guys and enjoy my body confidence.  A guy with money who just wants a 'trophy' girl on his arm, where there's no commitment, would be ideal!!!! :)!!!!

Jayne xx

ANSWER: Jayne,

Ha, I have always wanted to visit, my relatives there always offer to pay my way, it's just taking the time off work would not be good, and I am pregnant so for now I'm stuck here at home. Yes, my mom said she always hated that about England, all the rain.

That's great that you have found someone to live with who works with you. Now you have someone who understands what you do and someone to share the experience with. Living with my boyfriend who never understood the job was hard. And him not being on my overnight schedule put a strain on our relationship. Glad you have decided to take some time from your boyfriend if that's what makes you happiest. You will find a whole different world of guys to date now where you work, ones that are okay with what you do, because you met them there, however also beware, those types of guys usually are not out for commitment nor will they believe you are, sometimes because they met you in that sort of place they will see you as easy or just out for a good time, which is okay sometimes depending on the guy and whether or not you are actually looking for either a commitment or just a good time. And you will find regular good guys as well, you can tell by how often the guy comes into your club what type of guy he is. You will also get those customers who come in groups who enjoy your company that will come in on a regular basis just to hang with you and have a good time. I had a few groups like that, who would buy drink all night and tip well. I think you have a lot of fun to look forward to.

As I said, I saw a different side of my boyfriend when we started living together and I was stripping. He would act very jealous and treat me differently and it would have ruined our relationship if I had continued dancing, because his personality made him very ugly. Since I quit he has changed which is the only thing that has kept us together. Just do what you want and have fun, if your boyfriend really loves you, he will be there when you've decided what you want.

I am here to tell you that you will find a lot of guys like what you're talking about, the ones with money who want to take you out and spoil you. I had a lot of offers like that, and went out a few times just to party and they always flipped the bill. I had a friend at the club who had a customer give her money to buy herself a new car, unfortunately I never got one like that ha ha! It can be a lot of fun. Just be careful, I don't know what the rules over there are as far as seeing customers outside work or getting their number, here it was against the rules, but we did it anyway, it wasn't like we were prostituting just hanging out, so we had to sneak a bit to get numbers.

Look forward to hearing more!

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QUESTION: Good morning Adena,

i hope you are well?  I hope the pregnancy is going great?

A lot of changes have happened in the last two weeks.  The job is going great, i'm making a fantastic living and loving feels so natural for me to be a stripper.

I mentioned to you a couple of weeks back i would be interested in meeting an older rich guy.  Anyway, i got back from a shift and out of fun and intrigue i signed up to a sugardaddy website and up loaded some photo's of me.  I didnt really think much about it to be honest, i dont know what made me do it that night, but the interest from the men was incredible.

A 59 year old (i know he's much older than me!) asked to meet me and as he is based quite local to me i arranged to meet him after my shift had ended, the weekend before last.  We met at a nice bar and he told me he was divorced and owned his own businesses and wanted a younger girl to spoil and financially look after without the worry of commitment etc.  

He asked for my email address and said he would email me a full proposal through, which i thought was a blatant lie if i'm being honest.  However, the day after he had sent me a detailed breakdown of how much he would pay me each month and how many times he would want to see me and said he had no issues with me carrying on at the strip club as the times wouldnt clash with my hours there.  I phoned him up and asked if he was serious and he said he would transfer an upfront amount into my account that day if i agreed to start the arrangement that week.........So i told him i'd give it a try with him and he went ahead and transferred a hell of a lot into my account that day.

I dont know what you classify it as...a bit of fun for him and he's basically buying my services because he can afford to.  I was off this weekend on the rota so he took me shopping on saturday day and i then spent until this morning with him.  It's all a bit mad and crazy and i genuinely didnt think that two weeks ago i'd be the sugarbaby (as my housemate now calls me!!) to a rich guy.

I just figured the money was too good to turn down and as its not impeding on my club work at the moment then why not?  He was saying last night he thinks i'll get to the point where i dont want to work at the strip club because i wont need the money and will be enjoying my new life too much, but stressed he wont put any pressure on me to quit and will leave it up to me to decide.

Jayne xx

Wow, now that's really something! I have heard about the sugar daddy website you speak of and had once thought of doing it myself, of course I can't now seeing as how I'm starting a family. I had always wandered if there were girls who found legitimate guys on that site. It sounds like you have! And he gave you a bunch of money upfront? That sounds like you've got a good deal on your hands. The only thing I ever thought about with that was, what if they expect things from you after a while, like sex, but I imagine if you got an old enough guy you wouldn't have to worry about that. Does it seem this guy strictly wants to spoil you and hang out with nothing extra then that's awesome. It must feel good to be spoiled and taken care of. I once had an older gentlemen at the club I worked at offer to pay me to hang out with him. He just said he was lonely and would pay me to go out to dinner and stuff and keep him company. I was always too afraid to stray outside the comfort of my club though.

You sound like with your job and this guy you are making a killing, that's the life a lot of girls over here hope for but don't get, so milk the heck out of it! Congratulations!

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