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Hi Adena. My question is how do you respond to those who say that strip clubs exploit and degrade women? I am thirty years old, and consider myself a feminist. I also happen to enjoy watching adult movies, going to stip clubs etc on occassion. Some of my feminist friends think this is hypocritical, and that I am supporting an industry that objectifies women. But I don't agree. I think that should have the right to choose, and that women are more than capable of determining for themselves what is right for them. What do you think? Can one be a feminist, and still enjoy a little adult entertainment now and again? Or is it hypocritical? Thanks.


Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I do not think you are hypocritcal at all. In fact, I think strip clubs do the opposite of degrading women. I believe that doing a job like that and making money puts the woman in a position of power and control. I think it degrades men because they have to resort to going to a place like that just to get female attention and they pay for that attention. I never felt low when I was a dancer, I very much enjoyed the nightly fame, the regular customers, the money and I genuinely had a good time at work and hanging out with that crowd. I think that those who say it makes women look bad and they don't respect themselves are just speaking for the 'morally correct' crowd that have to find a deep psycological reason for doing something that they see as 'wrong.' I felt I had a mystic power over the men who came to my club and I felt I was envied by the women in the crowd at the same time. It gave me a sense of empowerment to know I was beautiful and was getting all the attention,  and was at the same time getting paid for it all.

I'm glad to hear from someone like you who believes that strip clubs and the sex industry is enjoyable. I hate hearing the hypocritical men who think that it's ok for a man to flaunt his sexuality but for a women who does, she is labeled a 'slut.'

Glad to hear from you and I hope I answered your question. If you wish to discuss anything further I'd be glad to hear from you again because you seem like someone who thinks like me on the subject. Thanks again.

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