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Strip Clubs/How do i find them?


Hi Adena, I've been thinking in opening a strip club. where do i go about in Hiring Female stripers?


If you have an official club that will be opening, any advertisement that you're hiring dancers will bring tons of hopefuls to your door. When I danced, we had 20-30 audtions per week. It will be no trouble finding girls if you open a club, but if it's a small club private club, or hasn't opened yet, it will be more difficult. Girls who dance want to dance somewhere nice, that's an official business and where they feel safe. For instance, some biker gangs have private clubs and they hire dancers, but not many girls audition for it because of the private crowd and it's not a safe environment.

You're question was very general so if you have anymore specific questions please let me know.

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