Strip Clubs/where to find one


i want to go to a strip club but dont know where it is can u help me


Sorry for the delay in answering your question. You should be able to get onto the internet and search 'strip club' or 'gentlemens club' in your area. Strip clubs can also be called 'showclub' and 'cabaret'. If you don't have internet access then you can search the same in the phonebook.

Strip Clubs

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Adena Canterbury


I can answer any questions having to do with going to, auditioning, working at or being inside a strip club. If you have questions on etiquette, earnings, working tips, or anything about dancing and working as a stripper. Pretty much any questions you have on strip clubs, strippers, strip club patrons and the strip club scene.


I have been a dancer at a strip club for almost two years now and I believe I can offer help and insightful answers into the world of stripping.

Fabulous TNTs Showclub.

Have been a stripper/expert level pole dancer for almost two years.

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