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QUESTION: happy new year adena! i hope your festive period was great? well i had my bigger implants done and everything went brill...the clinic i was in was top class and my new boobs look super super hot!!! had such a busy past two weeks.........for my christmas present he has put my name onto his bank account and he's given me my own bank cards for it.  i didnt know what to say when he told me, theres no hidden clauses i have full access to all of his money..well in fact its now my money.  he's completely changed my life over the past two months.  we're very much in a relationship, but without the sex.  he told me that he wants me to have a boyfriend so i can a sexual relationship with them and still live with him.....what would you do? i need regular sex and need these new boobs to have a regular seeing to.  i've had an offer for a strip club accepted, the offer also includes an escorting business, and im going to merge them to offer all types of services..a strip club and escorting.  im meeting on friday with the company and my lawyers. very exciting adena!! xx

ANSWER: Jayne,

Wow, I am totally speechless. You have truly been blessed, Jayne. You must have done something in your life that called for good karma coming back to you or you are just a wonderful person that God has blessed you with this new life. I just am so happy for you and what you have found in this man. Glad you got your surgery and by someone who did a really good job now it must be nice you can afford the best of the best when you buy things :).

The fact he is willing to let you have a boyfriend is so great, it shows he really cares about your happiness and doesn't expect a sexual relationship from you and that's so awesome. The thing is finding a boyfriend who is okay with your situation because a lot of men are very judgmental about things like this. Now taking a boyfriend just for a sexual relationship would be no problem I'm sure but I would be careful with that because if you try and get into an actual relationship they may either say no way or they may try and get you to spend all your new money on them ha ha! I'm sure there's a guy somewhere that can handle you being taken care of, just make sure they don't in turn expect you to take care of them, unless you don't mind that.

Now escorting over in your country simply means being someone's date right? Because here in the united states it means being a prostitute. I see no financial need for being a dancer or escort for you but if you need something else to do in your life and just want to show  yourself off and have fun then why not do it? I miss dancing a lot because I loved showing off my fit body, so I do wish I could still do it sometimes, so I understand that feeling. Or am I mistaking and are you talking about the strip club you wanted to open?? Ha ha sorry if I misunderstood.

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QUESTION: Morning Adena,

I just feel i've been incredibly lucky to meet such a giving man.  I didnt discuss about having full access to his wealth, it never even crossed my thoughts, but now he's made his money mine its given me a life i only every dreamed about.  It's surreal.  I never thought i'd be able to walk into any shop i liked and buy anything i wanted without looking at the price tag, thats crazy and something im still getting used to.  He's worked hard to amass such a huge fortune and i am blessed he's changed my life.

I think every girl has a wish list they would like, and i did, and i now have everything i ever dreamed of owning.  It even feels strange typing that out to you!

You're completely right about having a boyfriend.  I dont want someone thats going to use me for my money.  The owner of the lawyer company i have been using is a 35 year old (so slightly older than me) wealthy (as you'd expect with owning a lawyer firm) sexy guy.  We've flirted a few times since i began to use them for due dilligence on the strip club i made a bid on.  Since i've been told i can have a boyfriend we've been texting each other, he's aware of my situation, and when i meet up with them tommorrow to discuss the bid he's taking me out for dinner afterwards.

I think i confused you with my comments about the escorting.  What i meant was the bid for the strip club i want to buy includes an escorting business as well.  The owner of the strip club offered me the escorting business as well and the deal is excellent.  I have no interest in escorting or stripping, you're right in saying there's no financial needs for me do either.  I want to use my new found wealth wisely and invest in owning strip clubs and other businesses.  I should know more tommorrow if i am the new owner of a strip club and escort business!!!

Jayne xx

ANSWER: Wow Jane, I am so excited for you. You know I have family in England and if I ever go visit them and it's anywhere close, they live in London, I would love to visit the club you end up owning, maybe one day I will be out to visit if I ever am I will let you know :). I really hope you get the club that you want, that's what I would love to do is be on the management side because some strip clubs I experience just weren't run very well in my opinion. I've always wanted to teach pole dancing, ha, too bad I am not in England perhaps I could have a job at your club, that would have been crazy. But not me, I'm here for life with my future hubby ha ha. I really hope you get the place you want I would be very interested to know your plans for it and if you plan on doing anything differently than how you're used to a club being run. I've always thought a female would do a better job running one of those places ha ha.

I think I know you well enough now I can share an idea with you. I actually have a pen pal who lives in London, we've been talking for several years and he has recently achieved his goal of becoming a big time director. He is actually doing something in England now, he was not allowed to disclose the name, then next year he will be in America directing a film. Well, I've recently started working on an idea for a TV/Movie Documentary on strip clubs because I feel they are very misunderstood and a lot of people would be interested to know what they are really like. He has told me I cannot say too much on it to people, but he is very interested and says by the time he gets here next year he wants me to have an idea written up and he will present the idea to some producers he knows. I'm very excited about it.

Let me know how it goes with trying to get your club and good luck on your date. With this guy it seems you won't have to worry since he is already well off himself.

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QUESTION: The idea of the documentary sounds brilliant....go for it girl!!!! Get the script done and get everything prepped and ready to go, it could really be the start of something big for you.  If it gets filmed and released it will put your name firmly on the global stripping scene.  You are very very knowlegable about the scene and if it could get released then you'll no doubt become a consultant for the industry....go for it!!!! :)

I have bought the club!!!......WOW!!! It's been poorly run and the amount i finally got it for on Friday was lower than my original offer because the owner had run up debts trying to finance it over the past two years.  I've cleared the debts in return for a much cheaper price.  The amount of paperwork on Friday was immense but i was overjoyed once it had finally been handed over to me.
I have met with the current club Manager and staff this morning and outlined my initial plans for it and told them there will be changes.  There is too many girls working there, and not enough quality sexy girls, and that will be changing also.
I've approached the manager of my former strip club and i've asked him to consider leaving that and joining me as my new club manager.  He was excellent when i worked there and i always felt he had great ideas but was stifled from acting on them by the owner.  I want to tap into his experience and get a top quality team around me.

Since Geoff changed my life and moved me up the social ladder i'm now in a world of money and those people are the ones im going to be targeting as new customers.  The club is in a prime location, and i believe with sexier girls working there and my rich friends attending the clubs reputation will significantly increase and it will be a real money maker for me.

Because you're vastly experienced can i ask you for your suggestions on how to improve strip clubs?  The quality of the staff is really important in my eyes, to attract the up market affluent type of client, but i would really appreciate your thoughts Adena.

My date on Friday evening went brilliant.....swoon!!!!! :) He's lovely and a real gentleman and he felt comfortable around me because he said im the first lady he has met that is wealthier than him so he knows im not after his money.  I went back to his luscious house and stayed until Saturday afternoon.

I was worried about Geoff's reaction when i was dropped off on Saturday but he was absolutely fine and was really happy i've met someone i can have no strings attached fun with.  They know each other anyway, it was Geoff that put me in contact with Steve's lawyer company when i wanted to bid on the club.  I'm meeting for lunch with Steve tommorrow and then spending a few hours together back at his.

Busy busy busy!!!!! :)

Jayne xx

Wow Jayne! I'm so happy for you that you got your club! How exciting! To me there are just a couple of things that make a club better, number one is treatment of the girls that work there and number two is the quality of the girls. With better treatment, you will attract higher quality girls, and with higher quality girls you will in turn attract a higher quality customer. I love your aim to make your club higher class, my main club I worked in was a very nice club but I've also had experience in a very high class club which is the one I will share some ideas from because I believe it's how you would want your club to be. This very high class club I worked in had nothing but 10 rated woman working there, why? Because of how well they were taken care of. I have no idea of size you are working with or anything like that, but in this club, the girls had a very spacious dressing room. The girls also had a 'house mom', and this house mom did several things to take care of the girls, she would bring in food every single night and set it up in the dressing room, and the girls could pay the house mom like $5 and have access to the food all night. I know first hand that being able to snack kept my energy high. She would also bring a wardrobe of items with her such as hair dryers, make up, outfits, all of which the girls could pay a few dollars to 'rent' for the night or to use. This club also offered a professional make up artist who would come in a charge about $20 to do a professional make up job on any girl that wanted it. The club also had a tanning bed that the girls could use and a shower. All of that stuff makes the girls feel like they matter and it gives them easy access to things that keep them beautiful for the customers. As a result, the girls always looked top notch and the customers that came in had money and spent it.

Another thing at this club I liked very much was the fact that customers could 'buy' girls for the a a short amount of time or the night. I don't know what you're used to but over here we have stages and the girls rotate through them over and over in a certain order. Well this 'buying' a girl gives a customer the chance to take a girl off the stage and have her all to himself for however long he pays for. In the club I was at, there would be private rooms or sections of the club where the customer could sit with the girl he 'bought' and they could drink, talk, do lap dances or whatever. To give you an example in my club they would charge $150 to keep the girl for 1/2 an hour, $300 for an hour or they had an option where they could pay $1000 to keep the girl all night. I think giving customers options like that makes them more willing to spend a lot of money because it gives them the feeling of having high social status to 'buy' a girl. I personally liked clubs where no touching was allowed, but that's depending on your area's laws and what you want, some clubs have it so it's up to the girl, some you can't touch at all, like here you cannot touch the girls if there is a bar in the club.

It's a great idea that you want high quality girls, but I truly believe the environment and treatment of the girls will help you get the higher quality girls you seek, if you treat them like princesses so to speak. And give the customer a chance to feel important and in high social standing by being able to have a girl they like's company all to themselves.

Honestly those are only couple of suggestions I would have to make a great environment and keep girls happy to keep customers happy. Remember, if the girl's don't like being at work, they will not do as well.

Just curious, in your country do the girls have to pay stage fees to dance? Like here at the small club I worked at we had to pay $10 per night to dance at the club. At the big, fancy club I worked at we had to pay $80 per night to dance, but that price would vary, say if the girl came in at a certain time, like if she came when the club opened, the charge would be $30, it would go up $10 every hour after that she showed up. At my small club it was always $10 unless the girl did day shift then if was cheaper. If you do have these fees just base it on your needs as a club owner but don't make it so expensive it upsets the girls, find a happy medium.

Glad you like my documentary idea I am very excited about it. I want to show the world how strip clubs work because there are so many misconceptions and stereotypes. I want people to see the reality inside and maybe learn a few things and find that it's not always as raunchy as they think. I always hated hearing people's negative comments about strippers so I hope that this documentary can change a few minds and set some things straight.

Let me know how things go as you start your club, I can't wait to hear about it!

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