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QUESTION: I am not sure how to ask this question without it being rejected right away. But I was wondering if it is your belief that there are many women out there that would choose to be a stripper unless they really wanted the large sums of money it often pays? Are there many that truly do see it as an art form, and if they made enough money working a normal weekly job they would likely still strip on the weekend because they really enjoy it, and perhaps donate whatever proceeds they get because it isn't really a factor for them? I ask this because although I never really go to the clubs anymore I do remember thinking exotic dancing can be quite beautiful (with or without the removal of clothes), and I just would love to meet and befriend a dancer that doesn't simply do it for the money. This is a serious question so please consider answering it. I would really appreciate your input.


The answer is yes, there are dancers who do it because they like dancing. I know because I was one of those. Yes, the money is great, but not always, and how much you make depends on how much you hustle, which I did not always enjoy doing. I was the type who would rather sit with a group of fun people who were having a good time and make less money. I had good nights, great nights and bad nights. Then again I knew a lot of girls who always had good nights because they were big hustlers, then I knew some who hated the job because they were not popular and never made hardly any money. But to explain myself more, I loved dancing simply because of the job. I am an artist and I saw dancing as a beautiful, art form, as you said. I even enjoyed sitting there watching other dancers, I came to understand the natural beauty most woman have in the way they move. The fact that I saw it as an art form and entertainment made me enjoy doing it, if I would have felt dirty in any way I would not have enjoyed the job. I was very good at doing pole tricks as well which I thought was very beautiful and loved entertaining people in that way as well. As a dancer, you can easily differentiate between the customers who come to enjoy themselves and appreciate dancing as an art, and the ones who are perverted. I also very much enjoyed the job because of the atmosphere. Being around a bar and customers who were coming in to kick back and have a good time and party really made going to work a lot of fun. It was very laid back and every night was like a party. The managers were fun, the bartenders were fun, the girls who worked there, for the most part, were fun, and we would all just hang out and drink and enjoy the dancing.

I would love to continue the discussion if you have any more questions.

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QUESTION: How few and between would you say dancers that do it for the same reasons as you are? I've only once had a friend who was a dancer, and she turned out to be a bit of a gold digger type and she even had her PH.D.


I would say that a lot more do it because they like the job than for the money. I worked in a rather small club that didn't really get a lot of business except on the weekends. All the girls there always had a very good time though at work, obviously they would be upset if they didn't make much money because we all have bills to pay, but you could always tell they had fun at work and loved what they did, that's why it was so fun for me to go to work, because the girls were such fun to hang out with. I only ever met a couple of girls who did it because they had no other job options. Dancing is a kick back good time, and as a woman it makes us feel confident and beautiful, so most dancers I have come across enjoy the job. I think it depends on what club you work in, I have been in a club that I did not enjoy working in, I was only there for 2 days because the girls there were just mean and miserable and you could tell they hated doing it. I also worked at another club that was very big and extremely high class that was crowded wall to wall all the time and those girls made their whole lives about that job. They worked all day and they paid lots of money for beautiful outfits and make up and they were just very happy, well taken care of girls.

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