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How could I get a loan, to continue college, when both my parents have bad credit, and I cant get a co-signer. I also never had the need to have credit, and only work part time, at college making around $3000 a year. If you could direct me to websites and offer other, advise on the matter that would be great, and I don't care about the amount of interest, I just need a chance to make something of myself.

Hi Scott!

Congrats on your decision to go to college.  The good news is that Federal Stafford loans do not require a credit check or co-signer.  If you need additional monies after you reach your annual loan limit and are pursuing a graduate degree, you could also apply for a Graduate PLUS loan.  That loan does require a credit check, but you should pass unless you have a defaulted federal student loan, are 90 days past due or more on another debt or have other significant issues on your credit report.  You can apply for all federal student aid (including grants) at

Your school should also be able to steer you towards other aid that may be available including institutional loans and scholarships if you should need additional funds.  Make sure you check out the education department website in your state to see what is offered to residents of that state.  Finally, there's some great free scholarship searches at and

I know you said you didn't care about the amount of interest, but when you are applying to school, you should make sure you get an idea of what your debt level might be when you are done, and make sure you can afford those payments based on your expected starting salary in your field.

Ping me again if you have other questions
Best of luck

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