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Student Loans/Possible Fafsa Fraud??


Hello Betty.

I graduated from high school in 2011 and a result I decide to enroll in  WCCCD.

I got a pell grant to do so.

I thought it would be a good idea until I remembered my H.S. guidance counselor said about me not being good enough to do so and I ended up withdrawing because of it.

I got up the courage a few months later to try it again and decided to re-enroll but then my great aunt died.

I was very close to her and I knew I'd never be able to focus on school with that on my mind so I decided to withdraw again.

But when I went to withdraw it was too late for me to unregister from classes.

I was so confused at that time that I thought a professor would just drop me if I didn't show up.    Pretty stupid, eh?

I received a check from the CC a few months which was totally a surprise to me as I thought I was dropped and obviously didn't expect to get anything.

There is something called an Enrollment Vertification Evaluation on the webgate account that was assigned to me by the CC.

There are no financial aid holds on the account and there are no payment holds on the account.

The reason for the Evaluation appears to be about Transcripts and Graduation.

Not really sure what that means.

Plus if it was about money,  wouldn't they have sent out a bill already??

It's been about 8 months since the last withdrawal and I haven't seen a bill.

I'm not a pell jumper and I never ever had any plans to be one.

With the exception of a few bad years in high school,  I have always been a good student.

I'm sorry that this is so long but I'm freaking out about this.

I really don't want to go to Jail for this.

Please tell me how to fix this because I am scared.

Hi there

It sounds like you may have been eligible for the funds as you didn't technically withdraw from the school - therefore you were still considered enrolled.  But let's be on the safe side.  Give your schools bursar's office a call and verify that you don't owe them any money.  Ask to be sent something showing that you are paid in full and have a zero balance with the school and keep it on file just in case.  While on the phone with them, confirm that the funds you received were indeed Pell grant funds and not a loan you didn't realize you took out.  Then ask them the procedure for returning those funds whether they be pell or loans.

The other reason it's a good idea to return the Pell funds is that there's a limit as to how much you can receive over a lifetime.  By returning these extra funds, you will be preserving them for when you return to school.  You can read more about the maximum Pell eligibility here

Hope this helps

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