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My son is 19 years old.  I am currently paying his college (not too expensive) from my pocket.   In the future he will study on a more expensive university (2 years from now).   I have back taxes and a lien for them.  Will that impact the ability of getting students loans for my son?   If so is there anyway that he can take them for himself?  (not private ones)

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I'm going to assume that your son is an undergraduate student and will be still at the new school.  The federal Stamford loan is one that your son will take in his own name.  Depending on your income, he may also be able to receive a federal Perkins loan.  Parent PLUS loans do have a credit check, but if you do not pass it (which is the likely result if you have a tax lien), you can get an endorser or your son would become eligible for additional federal unsubsidized Stamford loans.  You would start the process to apply for these by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at

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