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I will be brief I am certain you are busy.  I have roughly 50k in student loans.  They are from various institutions. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a genetic disease and have on disability since.  The condition only worsens.

-How do I go about getting them discharged?  I have and can get any form of medical support or information to reflect my condition.
-Is there any one form that can cover all of them?
-May I assume the best thing for me to do is get a copy of my credit report and address them with the proper form?
-Do you happen where I can find such a form?

Thank you for your time,
Happy Thanksgiving,

Hi there

So sorry for the delay but this account is attached to my work email and I was out of the office for Thanksgiving.  If you have federal loans, you can apply for a disability discharge at  The process can be onerous due to high instances of fraud so the best advice I can give you is to cross every t, dot every i, read every form and letter carefully and follow through on them to the letter.  The good news is that you will only need the one form even if you have multiple holders for your federal loans.

If you have private loans you may not be able to get them discharged or forgiven - it will depend on the lender and the terms of your promissory note.  If you do have private loans, you should contact those lenders by phone to talk about it.  

Let me know if you have other questions as you go along


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