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Hi. I really hope you can answer this question. I'm in school for massage therapy and its 11 months. Its been two months and I want to drop out but the person in charge of loans said I can't drop the class. She said if I do I'm going to have to pay the loan. Is there any way I can do it? I'm thinking about getting my lawyer involved.

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I'm afraid not and getting a lawyer will only be a waste of time and money.  Federal student loans are highly regulated and those regulations require you to go into repayment on your loan six months after you leave school or drop below a half time status.  When you signed the loan, you agreed to repay it even if you did not finish or were not satisfied with the program of study for which the loan was for.  Check the copy of the note you have right above the signature line for as well as the rest of the terms and conditions.

In addition to the loan, you may also owe the school for tuition charges.  Check their refund policy - it's likely on their website but if not they are required to give it to you if you ask for it.

If you do drop out after the two months, it's possible that some of the loan will be refunded - but you will absolutely owe at least some of it.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.  If you are unhappy, you may be better off dropping now rather than incurring more loans.

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