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Student Loans/I just applied for a 3k stafford loan but I am on ssi disability


I have just submitted my loan packet for a stafford loan for 3 thousand dollars not very much. I am a full time independent student and have an big unmet need in my award letter. I collect ssi disability and I am currently on disability at the moment . Will I get denied for the loan because I am on ssi disability? (I was awarded full pell grants ) and a fee waiver . I am afraid I will get denied because I am on a fixed income .

Hi Louis

You will not be denied this loan due to your SSDI status.  There is no credit check for Stafford loans and even if there was, such as for Graduate PLUS loans, debt to income is not a factor.

I just want to make sure that as you are taking on this debt you are confident that you will be able to make the payments when the time comes.  A fixed income can make that difficult and I'd rather see you take a little longer to get your degree and drop a few classes to lower the bill then to get yourself into debt that you may struggle with later.


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