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Subaru Repair/Parking Lights won't go off


K wrote at 2006-09-19 00:10:41
Glad I checked here - the same thing happened to me!!  Boy do I feel stupid!  Thanks for the help. :)

Sube in Longmont wrote at 2006-09-23 06:09:40
Yeah, it happened to me tonight too.  If I hadn't found this online I probably would have taken it to the shop tomorrow.  Talk about feeling stupid!  What the heck is that button there for anyway??

Eric wrote at 2006-10-22 20:02:43
You can add me to the list of folks that had the same issue and now feel very, very stupid.

August Snow wrote at 2006-11-06 00:15:00
I'm on the list of idiots! I was cleaning my car in the afternoon, so I must have turned that switch on acidentally. When my wife noticed the lights wouldn't go off, we took it to a gas station, where we called the electrician (it was Sunday, he wasn't at the station) and he told us in Subarus that would be an expensive repair... As soon as I heard "expensive" I decided to check online, to see if I could find the problem, and voila! I do feel stupid, but I'm so glad I checked here. I probably saved $500 or so for the mechanic to turn the switch off and then tell me he took 3 hours to replace something to fix it.

Thank you for this site!

Geo wrote at 2006-11-20 20:51:19
My wife's 2004 Subaru Forester had the same problem and this was the solution.  I believe the switch was pushed in the car wash.  Thanks for the tip.

barb and sue wrote at 2007-12-30 00:59:32
Thank you this is a miracle cure, my sisters 2003 Subaru had the same issue and we were about ready to

a. pull out our hair

b. scream to the heavens

c. wait for AAA

Thanks for saving our Saturday night.

mckannix wrote at 2008-04-23 03:02:04
Helped me...

My wife came home tonight and her parking lights wouldn't go off.

I typed "subaru legacy outback parking lights won't go off" into Google and clicked on the first hit.

Thank you!

Carrie wrote at 2008-10-24 03:02:42
I have a 2007 Subaru Outback and we took every fuse out and there is nothing about the toggle switch in the manual, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

mommawoods wrote at 2008-12-26 21:26:47
I had the same problem w/ my 98 Subaru L.O. so i looked it up on the computer to see if i could get an answer and this Page and person Frank helped me to find that Toggle Switch he was talking about.... and it helped me Very Much! Thanks You so much Frank for the Right answer to Mark's Question!

Happy Holidays :~)

LT wrote at 2009-09-12 03:06:16
Old post - relevant info!  Thanks to all - we are in a remote area in Northern California.  We had our 06 Outback at the carwash today and I believe that they flicked the switch.  THANK YOU for saving us!

Rj wrote at 2010-04-01 12:45:38
latest victim of this 'secret' switch!!! second hand car bought for the missus. same story. car being washed, must have been turned on. nothing in manual. thought it must have been faulty relay. Boom! google it. 07 liberty.

Brian wrote at 2010-05-28 22:47:24
This was super helpful!  I've got an 05 Legacy Wagon and saw that I was in the same situation today after going to the shop to get a repair.

Not sure how long that switch has been like that, but this answer worked!

love google search!

wayne wrote at 2010-08-08 02:13:53
thanks frank for that answer i  had the same problem and i went and turned the switch off and it worked

cfy wrote at 2011-01-09 03:44:15
I had the same problem with the running lights, the information that you provided was very appreciated

Thanks Chris...

Bebbo wrote at 2011-06-24 07:07:48
And this problem continues! I too pulled out the fuse this afternoon only to google and find this! THANKYOU!

Certainly beats looking like a fool at the mechanics!

Francisco (Scob) B. Doo wrote at 2011-08-21 12:59:28
Thank you so much!!!!!! The secret toggle switch located on the steering column relieve me from spending money to get it the park light fix to turn off.

Again thank you so much!

lunaMar wrote at 2011-09-14 02:13:46
Wow! Thank you to whoever knew this! What in the world would we do without google??? I would have gone to Subaru in the morning and looked like a complete idiot. Thanks again from a female (haha) driver!  

MadDogMarcus wrote at 2012-03-17 23:28:29
Thanks. I had the same problem with my 2008 Forester and the solution worked. I was so worried that I'd have to spend hundreds of dollars that I don't really have. I am extremely grateful.  

Dustin wrote at 2012-07-05 00:52:26
Yep.  Been there.  Experienced that.  Drove around for two days removing my negative battery cable everytime I parked the car so that my battery would not drain.  I was getting ready to buy an electrical manual for my Subaru and figured I check the internet first.

Sure enough.  The little switch had been flipped when I placed my GPS above the steering wheel column.

Nice easy fix.  [Still laughing at myself for that one]

kmom wrote at 2012-08-26 04:42:53
Thank you for the simple answer from the wife of the guy who had the hood propped open preparing to disconnect the battery. His buddies playing poker with him outside had a great laugh when I went to the car and flipped the idiotic switch off. They're still outside laughing. Yeah, had the oil changed today; came with a complimentary car wash!  Thanks again.  

Kyle wrote at 2013-01-16 19:21:45
I'm a junior in college now, but four years ago during prom this happened, lights didn't turn off so i just took the fuse out. Been doing this for years until last night when the lights turned off while I was driving around campus at night, and I got an 80 dollar ticket from a cop.  Thanks so much for the simple answer, just wish I had found it sooner.  

me wrote at 2013-04-15 01:16:40
it's 2013 and this post is still providing value.  Thanks so much all.  I was cleaning my car after a backpacking trip and must have hit the "secret" switch.  Killed my battery.

David wrote at 2013-04-27 21:03:25
yep, just happened to me. thanks for the information, random search answer!

Kris wrote at 2013-08-04 03:58:52
OMG....! ! ! I worked on this car for 4 hougs taking connectors apart cnd cleaning them,only in desperation to check on-line to learn about this little switch that for god only knows is there was turned on. Picked  up the car used about 6 months ago for my son and he must have hit it by mistake...THANKS SO MUCH...

Belindas wrote at 2014-02-18 23:16:57
Thank you for for your help - I dusted the front dash and switched this silly switch!  

plantain wrote at 2014-04-26 00:46:59
thanks for this post.... I was parked in the 2nd lane at the airport, picking up my son . I never drive his car, so when I parked,instinctively I hit the toggle switch, thinking I was turning on the emergency flashers. I got out quick and loaded up and drove away ...I remember thinking it was weird I  didn't hear any clicking, but due to the airport frenzy, forgot about it. Later that evening I get a dead battery call from my son and he says the parking lights were on. While he was away I had replaced headlight bulbs and figured somehow I messed something up. The bulbs are arranged poorly if you ask me, I had a heck of a time trying to figure which one was bad in bright sunlight... but anyway I searched and came up with your post. Immediately I remembered hitting the switch...but never turned it off. Thanks to your post we saved a bunch of time and taught my son to read his owners manual. Thanks a million;)

Mac McGuire wrote at 2016-03-01 13:41:31
Add me to the idiot register.  Put the car on the charger for the last two nights.  Made sure to start it frequently while out.  Pulled all the fuses.  Had friends tell me the relay was stuck.  Even told where it was (under the glove it isn't.)  Wore out the door clicker with door shut, again with door open, closed door while alarmed, alarmed while door shut, gave it a bounce test (it really is quite strong).  Had eleven people tell me my lights are on.  Like maybe I didn't know it!

Margaret wrote at 2016-03-09 20:00:54
Thank you, thank you---an electrician stopped by my house this morning and said I needed a new ignition!!!  I loved sending a text to my other half telling him that I fixed it and it didn't cost an arm and leg:)

Anna wrote at 2016-03-10 18:38:33
Thank you Frank, thank you, all these years later. The dog must have switched on that Toggle, he does like to play driver and blow the horn... I have an old Forester and thought well, this is it, farewell... Only to find this answer.  

Christine wrote at 2016-03-24 20:55:04
Thanks very much.  I googled and found this forum after getting a flat battery from guess what?  A little swith that I mayve bumped while distinguish the steering wheel, hence a parking light calamity.  Now we have to jump charge the car, but didn't have to feel like an idiot taking it to a mechanic.  This helped a kiwi in Christchurch New Zealand.  🐰

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