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frank319 wrote at 2009-08-10 15:39:46
I'm having this same problem but the AC never went out it just wasn't very cold and I had my mechanic charge it.  When he finally heard the noise he said it was a broken baffle in the muffler.  This doesn't make sense to me but he supposedly took the muffler apart, soldered the baffle & put it back together but a day later it still does the low groan pretty much after AC has been running a long time.  I wondered if it was AC decompressing or something.  Sounds like maybe he didn't flush it good.  Do I need to have him do it again?  thanks

Gary wrote at 2013-01-08 19:49:10
I've had my 2002 since October 2001. Since it wasn't warm, never heard it until the first time the humidity was high and warmer, with a/c on (in May. living in DC at the time). Now I have 135K on the car, this has ALWAYS been with me (first time I heard it the car had 3500 miles on it) and the original dealer and two others have always looked at me like I was an idiot when I have told them about it, brought it in ("what noise?") Finally got some respect from a couple mechanics that heard it, thought it might be an expansion valve? But, still no service notes on this. Does anyone have ANY idea re: Subaru if there has ever been a notation? I even had the original receipts from 2002 when no one could find a thing.

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