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Matt Maguire wrote at 2014-04-01 13:16:58
Nice George.

You ripped off my answer from a year and a half before and acted like it was a story with which you were involved. You barely even changed any of the text!

Matt Maguire


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I can answer any/all questions in regard to "sublime". I was down with the band and Skunk Records since 1991; the year they released their second cassette, "Jah Won't Pay the Bills" until the end in 1996. I have answers to all of your questions about their music, their releases, their unreleased music, their promos, merchandise, and the like. You ask it, I'll answer it.


I have extensive knowledge of "sublime" from their origin(s)through the end of their career. I have been involved with "sublime" from the early years when Kelly Vargas was on Drums, I know everything that there is to know about their early career, their rise to fame in the early 90's, & on through until May 96' when Brad passed away. I specialize in the band's merchandise. I have been collecting everything that is "sublime" since the beginning and have extensive knowledge on the subject. They released an unparalleled amount of DYI promotional merchandise before being signed to MCA & I would be glad to help you find out what piece of their BIG puzzle you are holding on to and/or what you'd like to get your hand on!

I am a regular on all of the sublime chat boards and was a constant on the now defunct sublime board, "The Curb" where many people considered me the "go to guy" for information on "sublime" and the rarities that they left behind for us all.

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