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Hey man I was wondering if I heard the song correctly, but it sounds like they mention Raliegh Theodore Sakers a few times. It seems like at the end I think Eric asks the dude if he wants to meet raliegh. I may have heard wrong though. I'm not sure if he is even a real guy I've only heard the soliquays but anyway is that what I heard?

Hey Brandon,

Raleigh is definitely mentioned at the end of the song.  The lyrics are, "Hey, y'all meet Raleigh?" from azlyrics dot com  I only heard him mentioned once.  Raleigh was a real guy, a real weird guy.  I never met him.  I'm not even sure if Brad ever met him.  Some one connected to Sublime obviously recorded him and then Sublime made the guy pretty famous.

Also ask Matt Maguire this question (if you didn't already) because he will probably have more information on Raleigh than I will.

As for the title of the song, "Don't Care Too Much For Reggae," those were definitely Brad's thoughts about Roots Reggae.  Brad told me many times that he really didn't like Bob Marley type roots reggae but he definitely loved the more modern Dub Reggae.

The whole style or content of the song is pretty classic Sublime activity.  What I assume is Eric, Opie, and Miguel did was wander around a tough part of Long Beach or any other relatively big city and just record whatever was said.  Brad, Miguel, Eric and I did the same thing once in San Francisco.  I can't even remember if Miguel recorded it but we just took a bus and got off near the Tenderloin (a pretty sketchy area) and then walked over to some of Eric's friends house in the Mission.  This was in the middle of the day on a weekend and we just ambled around talking with random people.  This was around the same time that Robbin the Hood came out, 1992 or 1993.

I hope that this helps.  Take care and have a rocking Christmas.



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