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Okay I've found this song called "The Kind Irie Dub" which is supposedly a Slightly Stoopid & Sublime jam.  I read GMan saying that it's Miles singing from Slightly Stoopid and that there's no Sublime on it.  I can see how people think it could be Miles or Brad, but I don't believe it sounds like Miles' usual singing style, and it doesn't sound enough like like Brad to convince me that there is Sublime on this song.  But I also don't believe it's Kyle from Stoopid singing either.  I've even heard that the song was tited wrong and that the song is called "Irie Dub" from a band called "The Kind."  It just occured to me...couldn't it be that band KB Posse that made that song "Nine to Five" that was floating around the internet labeled as Sublime?  It sounds like them to me, and it doesn't sound a whole lot like Stoopid or Sublime.  I don't think it could really be Stoopid, this had to have been around the time of their first album for Brad to be alive if it were to contain Sublime, but Stoopid was for the most part a punk band at that point in time.  Could you clear this up?  I'm really curious to who made the song.  Maybe I just need to get my ears checked.  I'm ramblin off now, but I appreciate what you guys do on here.  I've learned so much from this website about Sublime.


I'm really sorry but this question is completely out of my normal range of inquiries.  If you haven't already, make sure that you ask Matt Maguire.  It's sadly ironic that I can't really adequately answer this because I was sharing a room with Brad when he wrote his very first songs for Sublime (Date Rape, Ebin, and probably a few more that I was equally clueless about).  I should have been writing his lyrics down and paying more attention but it just wasn't my thing.

If Brad had made it through his addictions and he was so so close to making it, there would have been tons of killer kollaborations from all sorts of unlikely sources.  Think Sublime meets Gershwin meets Grateful Dead meets Vandals meets Pato Banton and Brad was only in his 20's.  Add 15 years of maturity and holy mole, we could have seen a completely different direction.  Brad was that good, that original and that much of an innovator.

My guess is that this is not Brad or Sublime at all.  It sure doesn't sound like him at all.

So if you have any early Brad questions, I might be able to answer them.  Sorry that I couldn't help on this one.


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I lived with Brad for two years and I was a close friend of his so I feel like I am pretty qualified to answer some questions about Sublime. I will do my best to answer questions about Bud, Eric, Miguel and of course Brad. I should also be qualified to answer a few questions about Brad's lyrics that are in Spanish. With many topics though, like merchandise, bootlegs, and many other things I am completely under qualified. Refer these questions and any others that require extensive research to Matt (ha, ha, ha.)


Most of my experience in the area obviously comes from living with and hanging out with Brad. I've read the Crazy Fool book twice and I've also watched Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations along with countless other interviews and videos. When it really comes down to it though, I have not become a Sublime scholar like Matt has. If you want a personal insight on some questions then I am your man for the job.

Some of my writings about Sublime have appeared on the Sublime Forum and on the Sublime Wiki.

I am not sure if it matters but I am a college graduate. Adequate writing skills combined with my personal experience enable me to answer many questions. If I don't feel like I can answer a question well, I will tell you so or refer you to Matt.

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I do not financially benefit from anything Sublime. I do not sell or deal with Sublime merchandise, bootlegs or other recordings. My interest in being a Sublime "expert" is mostly altruistic. I've seen a lot of lies, half-truths and exaggerations out there about Brad and Sublime so I would like to debunk some of these myths or falsifications if possible.

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