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Sublime/What concert is this footage from??


I was watching the All You Need music video on "theofficialsublime" channel and noticed some footage I've never see before.

At 1:05, Brad has black shorts on and the quality is super clear.

Do you have any idea what concert that is from or if that footage has been released?



I haven't seen that clear and full footage before either, but we can tell when it is from because he has the Jacob tattoo and an awful haircut. Watch the Las Vegas Huntridge show, 5-7-95 and you'll see that shaved head and black shorts, but he's wearing a tshirt. The prior show, 5-6-95, he has a full head of hair, so you can tell that he shaved it between those shows, so the show in question must be from after the Huntridge. Well, 5-13 at UC Santa Barbara is the next show we have, 5-13, and his hair has grown in. So I would guess there was some show on 5-8 or 5-9 that we don't know about.



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