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Sublime/Putting collectibles "in front of" collectors


Hi Matt

In reading through your past answers I often see that someone has an item they are looking to sell, or looking to buy stuff, and you tell them that you will pass that info along to collectors.
Is there a reason you never offer these things up on, or better yet recommend the people asking the questions visit the forum themselves and help build the community? Or do you just privately offer it to collectors you personally know?


In general, I only do it to people or groups of people I know since I do not want to recommend someone who might rip them off.

Are you wondering if I stand the chance of gaining something? You should know, I don't collect originals or rarities of Sublime at all. I've spent years collecting music, but not the merch or rare pressings or anything of that type.

It's interesting that you mention SublimeForum -- I'm an admin there. It has unfortunately all but died there, so no, I don't post. But I do post in closed groups on Facebook on occasion. I think it would depend on what was being asked, but you'd have to provide me with an example of a response in the past.

Hopefully that answers your question.



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I have been a huge fan for 16 years, I ran a server which distributed Sublime's live and unreleased music 24/7 for 4 years, I have answered questions about the band daily for a decade on their old website, and I know some of the largest collectors in the world. I created the 5 CD bootleg "Rewind Selector" which documents the influences of Sublime and was the topic of a Spin Magazine interview.

I did not study music in college, but I majored in English, so I can write a clear response. I worked as a research assistant in the past, so I have skills in research if I need to figure out an answer.

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