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Hey Matt,

First off, love the rewind selector. I literally cannot stop bumping it everywhere I go, and use it to my full advantage when I am song writing. I have been on an addictive Sublime tear for the past 5 years and it shows no sign of stopping. Lately however, I have fallen into this fascination, obsession with our good friend Mr. Raleigh T. Sakers. I know that you have answered questions on this before, and believe me I have read your answers to all of these questions a dozen times.I think you are right in that he was a real person, who recorded himself going off on a tangent, and the real mystery is how did the guys found this phenomena. I know you hate multiple questions dude, but I just really need to know more about this guy. Where exactly did he record this and who was there when it happened? (if you listen to soliloquy pt 2, there is someone else laughing in the background that is not the other guy in the recording) He says in part three "we can shut that thing off anytime, in fact lets do that right now" and in part two "I hope you are recording this". My real question is, could you possibly get a hold of a reputable source, preferably someone in  the band on the exact history of the tape, and who this guy actually was? Sorry for the monologue dude. I understand if you cannot find out anything more, but I figured I would give it a shot. Thanks brother man, and keep on rockin'.

Rollie\'s house
Rollie's house  
Dear honorable Sir Waffles,

Glad you love my project. Let me know if you want to get more by shooting me an email at mdmaguirespam AT comcast DOT net.

Anyway, as you know, Raleigh Theodore Sakers was not a god, he was a science fiction writer. There is little certainty in the stories Sublime told about him because the running joke was to obfuscate his origins through stories, tales, lies, and exaggerations. Another possible/plausible explanation is that they just don't know. My gut instinct is that the true answer was in Heckler and that his real name is Rollie Sakers, but the band named him after the cigarette Raleigh Sakers which they used as cover art for the audio released on

Both the audio ("Get them cops over here to 12309 Cantura Street [North Hollywood, CA]") and genealogy research suggest he lived in Southern California.

A great Sublime resource, Lucas of, has collected information for you, some of which I'll share.

Here's the Heckler text which seems legit (as you know if you've read past answers, I don't believe anyone who says that a band member was doing the voice and that Raliegh isn't a real person):

from Heckler Magazine(1994):
Heckler: How did you guys hook up with Raleigh Theodore Sakers?
Brad: Umm...our old drummer Kelly. His brother [Matt] had a friend that worked in a halfway home. He was in there one day and there was this fuckin' wierdo (Raleigh), and he was just going off. So our buddy just got his tape recorder and pressed record. Then Raleigh started hallucinating and thought that he was making a science fiction magazine. He was making such a scene that they tried to kick him into the psych ward. We have, thank God, about two or three hours of this guy just rambling. The whole thing is just, there is only a certain amount of time that you can put on a CD, and we like to fill it with not only good music, but some funny stuff too. It's just like stuff you can come across, alright, that is sooo fucking funny. I mean, that Raleigh shit is fucking hilarious. We just put as much as we could on this CD.


Mr. Waffles, I don't think that they actually had that much material from him. It doesn't make sense if you think about it, but also, the masters are only 35-40 minutes, I think (I haven't been able to confirm, but the info is from the source). Have you heard the 31 minutes version of it, uncut? Get that, if not.

There's a closed group on Facebook with some interesting and dedicated fans. One used to dig up info on Rollie Sakers and found out the following (you can do the same if you sign up for a free account):

 *  "Rollie" is likely the real spelling of his name, born on July 9 1926, this can be corroborated through records of the Cantara address above.
 *  In 1930, at the age of 4, Rollie Sakers lived in St. Louis, MO
 *  He may have participated in the Second World War
 *  Rollie Theodore Sakers was married to Welma Kadleck on August 18, 1950 in Randolph County, Arkansas  (
 *  Rollie renewed his driver's license in 1984, it expired in 1996, and he hasn't renewed it since
 *  In 1989 Rollie was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, the circumstances of this are unknown
 *  In May of 1990 Rollie moved from 12309 Cantara St., North Hollywood, CA to 1000 S. Flower, #47, Inglewood, California
 *  It has been reported that Rollie passed away there in Inglewood, CA on July 25, 2000, 16 days after his birthday, he would have been 75 years old


I have checked with Brad's old room mate and am waiting on an answer. I'll ask Bud today and see if I can get a straight answer or if he wants it to remain a mystery. If I get an answer from either that gives new information, I will update this question and ping you.

Attached is a photo of his house.



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