I'm sure this question has been asked and it comes to mind once and a while about this fraud who claims to have been friends with Brad.
I'm talking about the Qball (Sublime LBC) guy claimed to have been in Sublime.  As far as I know E. Wilson was the only bass player in Sublime.  I'm baffled that this guy convinced people for so many years with endless lies.  I read this kind of garbage today which just made me laugh...
When will it end?  I guess i'm just babbling, but really just wanted to be firm that Bradley had NO affiliation with this fraud.
Thanks in advance man!

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I just wanted to add a little bit to this one because Bud Gaugh answered the same question about 3 weeks ago.  I put it at the bottom after my original answer.

Thanks for the question dude.  This is by far my favorite question so far as an allexperts volunteer.

Wow, Qball's wikipedia entry is a huge steaming, stinky mess but an awesome read if you love bad spelling, frantic desperation, and generally bad and convoluted writing.  I actually think that Brad would have gotten a kick out of people like Qball.  In my opinion, he would have interpreted Qball's actions as hilarious and as a form of flattery.

The evidence that Qball is probably a fraud:
*Most friends of Brad from the Sublime years didn't call him Bradley.  I only called him Brad but it seems like a few people from the later years called him Bradley.
*His account of his supposed time with Brad is so vague that it just seems that he made it up.  Once again, this doesn't prove that the dude is a fraud but it sure doesn't help his claims that he hung with Brad.
*I don't think that anyone from the Sublime group has ever mentioned Qball.  That doesn't prove that he didn't ever hang out with Brad but it probably proves that he didn't have a huge impact on Brad.
*With any dead, talented, and famous person, there are tons of frauds that come out of the woodwork to claim association with this person.  I say: let them be.  Who cares if they hung with a famous person or not?  That is their personal need to be associated with fame.  Yes, it's lame but that's basically how the world is.

In Qball's defense:
*Brad could be open-minded and kind to strangers with musical talents.  I have a very vivid memory of him befriending a dude after a show in Santa Cruz (circa 1993 or 1994) who seemed to me to be a total kook.  But Brad was gracious, polite, and generally interested in talking to this guy.
*Brad could have easily hung out with this guy (Qball) either at a party or even played a little music with him.  Will we ever know for sure?  No.

What I really think about this Qball dude:
Yes, I think that he's a fraud but it seems like he's a harmless fraud.  I'm not sure if he's making money off of Brad's name and music but as long as he's only perpetrating this fraud for his own fragile ego, I wouldn't worry about him too much.  I also believe that people who purport to be people that they are not are sad and should generally be pitied but not despised.
*If he claimed to be a bassist in Sublime, I didn't catch it in his wikipedia entry.

Take care and thanks again for the question.

All of this is from Bud Gaugh's posting on a Sublime Forum on Facebook on March 14th, 2014.  Huge thanks to Bud for setting the record straight.

"He was a bouncer at Fenders nite club in LB, claims he owned it. I know John Fender, and I know that it was his club. Cheez (swr mismanager) claims he (Q) stole the first Social D recordings and sold them out from under the band ( this I have not confirmed) but speaks closely to his character. He was claiming to be Eric in Hawaii and got served up a beat down. I was almost thrown off of a dive boat a year later by the guys who served him up a plate of whoop ass cuz they thought I was clowning like him but then they saw my back tat. He has made up fake platinum records to impress people and other band mates into thinking he's legit. there are a few guys who really believed him and are very upset that this guy is a complete impostor. If he'd only stuck with being a cover band, there wouldn't have been such an upset but alas...

Let me clarify a few thing. Strictly the facts. Did he ever play bass for the band? No only 1 bass player, Eric Wilson. Did he ever record with the band? No, see above. Is it possible that he hung out with Brad? yes that is possible as Brad would hang out with anyone, even homeless people. He was a people lover. I have no ill will towards him as I believe in forgive and forget. As long as he doesn't use our trademarks (Name & Art) then we have no problem with him. He can claim to be a friend of Brad's, I don't know if they ever hung out but it is possible."


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