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My boyfriend is a huge sublime fan and loves Bradley Nowell. I would love to get him something for around $100 if possible. I would like to get him an original poster or CD and for it to be from before the passing Bradley. If you have any suggestions where to look or what would be a good item I would be very thankful.
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$100 could get you a 1st pressing 40oz to Freedom CD with the tracks that were stripped out later (aka The Missing Shit). I don't know of one for sale, but basically eBay is the spot for that.

$100 could also get you a Tabasco tshirt, again, occasionally for sale on ebay.

If he doesn't have all of the live shows and unreleased bootlegs, such as Memories, Pure Anus, Sinsemillia 86-96, Sub Dub, Black Album I and II, I could hook you up with a ~5GB collection that would include a lot of other stuff, including a copy of Crazy Fool (digital scan of the book) and a scan of the $400 Badfish poster that could be taken to Kinkos and printed. I'd need far less than $100 for my time and shipping. It would also include my project Rewind Selector and rare original RS promo business cards. Email me for more info: mdmaguirespam AT comcast DOT net.



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I have been a huge fan for 16 years, I ran a server which distributed Sublime's live and unreleased music 24/7 for 4 years, I have answered questions about the band daily for a decade on their old website, and I know some of the largest collectors in the world. I created the 5 CD bootleg "Rewind Selector" which documents the influences of Sublime and was the topic of a Spin Magazine interview.

I did not study music in college, but I majored in English, so I can write a clear response. I worked as a research assistant in the past, so I have skills in research if I need to figure out an answer.

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