Hello Matt, I love the work you do here! My question: Did Bradley skate? Besides the references in Don't Push ("like I fell of my skateboard") I often heard that the guys of Sublime were skaters or at least supporters of the scene.

There's videos of the Warped tour on YouTube with Bud all bandaged up, I heard that he broke his ribs skating during the Warped tour!?


I don't know for sure, but I'll ask his sister. Today would have been his 47th birthday!

Please give me a few days to wait for a response and then I'll share.



I got a question I can't answer: Did Brad skateboard? Was he any good? I know he references the skating scene, but I don't know for sure that he did.

Here's an answer from his old college room mate Andy Hill in the form of a story:

I think the best answer is "not really" but I guess you could maybe tell that very off color story. Let me look for it.

He skated as much as anyone who was into surfing and grew up in a beach culture near the water so he probably skated more than your average person growing up in inland Maine or Minnesota. We were just more surrounded by surf and skate culture than most people.

I really hope that I'm not over sharing. Although Brad loved shocking people, I'm not really trying to do that. I just like this anecdote. Brad told me this story at least two times. It definitely happened or didn't happen when he was in high school. It's the one Brad story of which I think that maybe Brad was me/us. I so wish that I could ask him now but he did tell the story 2 or 3 times the exact same way, so maybe it did actually happen. It was a hot uncomfortable sunny Sunday and Brad was definitely hung over. The nasty L.A. pollution haze was more annoying than the hangover. He had to return some videos that were already at least a week overdue. So Brad grabs his skateboard and the videos and heads out to the store with his head pounding and the blazing sun not making things any better. He's skating through that area of Long Beach (Naples) that I don't really know well but there all these bridges over the water. He hit a pebble or something and the videos go flying and one flies over the railing into the water. I believe that Brad added the detail of dramatic bubbles coming up as the video sinks out of sight. (Actually I don't remember if that is Brad or me who saw it that way. Maybe I've seen one too many crappy movies where that happens and I just added it to my memory over the years.) He gets to the store and there is of course a huge line that he has to wait in. I can just see him with a crappy t-shirt on, sunglasses, and that bleach blond hair in his eyes. He's probably just looking down and sweating. It's a pretty painful wait in line. He just wants to drink water and go back to bed. He finally gets up to the front of the line and he gives them the other videos and he whispers that he lost one of the videos. The equally young employee asks him which video and Brad mumbles the name to him. The employee asks again and Brad mumbles it again. Finally Brad speaks audibly in a louder whisper as he leans in and tells him the name of the video. The employee stares at Brad for a while, then chuckles and then says, "We don't have that video." Brad responds that he did rent it from them and he just lost it into one of the canals. The employee still doesn't believe him so he yells to his manager or to someone else way across the store in front of all the customers waiting in line, "Hey, Frank, this guy says that we have Chicks with Dicks 2 here. Is that right!?" I never heard the rest of the story after that because we were always laughing so hard. I'm still so undecided if Brad made up this story or embellished one or heard a similar one from someone else. Whatever the case is, it's still hilarious. I guess Brad and others would rent similar videos like this to put on in the background during a party to try to bum out people (and shock them). And there is a story from Crazy Fool of when they did this at a Jon Phillips party. They apparently put on Traci Lords videos on in the background while they played. One more random story unconnected to this one but the following one should have made it onto the song, "What Happened?" This is another one that I wasn't present for so I probably screwed up some of the details. Brad and our other room mate went to a party up on campus at Santa Cruz like on a Friday night. But before going up there, Brad for some reason captured a goose from one of the lagoon areas near the Santa Cruz harbor. Why or how he did this I don't know. Well the goose partied with them all night and was a big hit at the on-campus party. Brad, Brad, Brad.

Also, Andy says Brad would often sing Suicidal Tendencies' "Possessed to Skate" to him.


And Kellie's response (Brad's sister):

He did. :)


I hope that helps, Nik! I also texted Bud Gaugh and asked him a version of your question. If I get a response, I'll post it.  (still waiting on a response)


A followup from Andy:

Here's a direct quote from another of Brad's house mates who also skated. His memory is probably a little better than mine. I asked him if Brad skated: "Yes, he did. Poorly."


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