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Sublime/Was Sublime racist? Were the members conservative?


hey man, saw you've been answering some questions again recently and wanted to write to you out of curiosity. i am a life long sublime fan and really feel all the love bradley has been singing about. so it irked me a little to hear how some people interpret the band and their views. i have no idea where this is coming from, but over the last years i have heard people say that they think of sublime as a racist and homophobic band. and i just feel that is complete nonsense. i see the guys as super fun and chill anarchos who are anything but that! and that is coming from a gay latino. to top that, someone who told me they were close to the band (probably lying, i know) said that they were "conservatives".

this is all major BS, right?

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I'm not going to answer the question about conservative vs liberal -- it's not relevant to the music and I'd be guessing to make a judgement. And as Bob Marley said "Judge not, before you judge yourself" (well, it was the Bible, really). Not to mention the fact that they could all hold different views, so it's not fair for anyone to average them out and say Sublime stood for a political leaning -- there's no evidence of that.

I can see both sides of the coin regarding racist/homophobic slant, but I think you nailed the correct view. They were partiers and anarchists with little regard for their actions or the impact of said actions on others. Here's a shocking true story: Brad was once suspended for doing graffiti of swastikas at school. He just loved to get big reactions, but he crossed the line with that prank and had to do a research report on Nazi Germany in order to get reinstated. He learned a lot from that report and wrote songs like Eben (not a pro-facist song). Maybe your friend didn't like that he covered "Dachau Cabana" a Vandals song that's about Nazi Germany set to the tune of Copa Cabana:

"At the Dachau, Dachau Cabana
Where Hanukkah ain't gonna happen!
At the Dachau, Dachau Cabana
Goose steppin', gassin' were always a passion..."

But at the end of the song he interjects "All Nazi's die!"

I once owned an autographed Tabasco tee that had all their signatures, including Bud as Floyd I. On that shirt Brad drew a swastika with a circle around it and a line through it. I'll try to find a photo and attach it.

The band had members who are Hispanic (Opie) and African American (Ras MG), so I don't think that idea holds water.

As for them being homophobic? Eh...maybe? Think of kids in college and earlier and rap culture in general. The only thing I can think of right now is Date Rape which has male-on-male action, but in the form of prison rape. Is that even about homosexuals? I don't think so.

You can take this back to your friend.

Who said they were close to the band?



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