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Kind of a two part question here.

It is to my understanding based on a post Gman had made a while ago that there are dozens of unreleased live shows that miguel is holding onto, and also some unreleased tracks.

1st, Is there a "Hong Kong Phooey" alternate? And what about "New Song" and "New Realization?" Are there any live shows of any of these songs, released or unreleased?

2nd, Is Gman even allowed to say where these said shows are recorded at, much less the names of these unreleased tracks?


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

This question is definitely out of my range of knowledge so when you get a chance, also ask this same question to Matt Maguire.  He should be more informed than I am on the status of unreleased live shows.

I've also heard the same thing about Miguel holding onto unreleased live shows.  I'm really not sure how that works at all.  I'm not sure if the recorded shows automatically belong to the Bradley Nowell estate or to the record company if they were under contract to them or if Miguel can hold onto certain things that he recorded.

My perception now is that he is not releasing stuff for the fans to enjoy.  He is holding onto them so that at some point, he can release them and make a decent amount of money on them.  I'm not sure if he can do that without the permission of many other people like Bud, Eric, Jim Nowell and even Troy.  He might not even have permission to release the songs to fans.  To complicate matters even more, the record company might also have a say in what is released.

GMan, as far as I know, was never a part of the Sublime crew.  He might have been to a few shows but it's also possible that he never saw Sublime live.  GMan truly loves the music of Sublime but he also loves making money.  He is all about maximizing profit on every Sublime related item that he sells.

If GMan knows which shows that Miguel supposedly has, then many other Sublime collectors and super fans also know.  Many of these other fans are all about releasing songs for everyone to enjoy (and mostly for free).

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Most of my experience in the area obviously comes from living with and hanging out with Brad. I've read the Crazy Fool book twice and I've also watched Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations along with countless other interviews and videos. When it really comes down to it though, I have not become a Sublime scholar like Matt has. If you want a personal insight on some questions then I am your man for the job.

Some of my writings about Sublime have appeared on the Sublime Forum and on the Sublime Wiki.

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