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Hey, so in the song STP, Bradley mentions Matt Vargas. From what I've heard, Matt Vargas is Kelly Vargas' brother, who filled in at drums in Sublime. So was Bradley like really good friends with the Vargus family or something? How did he get to know them? Also, do you know what he means when he says "send Matt Vargas out to regrip"? Regrip what?


Hey Zach,

Sorry for the big delay in getting back to you.

Your questions are good but also difficult, for me at least, to answer.

I met Kelly Vargas when he was on tour with Sublime back in 1991.  As you have probably read, Bud was busy in rehab/Jesus camp and Marshall was not really a good fit with the boys on tour so Kelly got the call.  This was around the time of Jah Won't Pay the Bills.  Kelly was a super nice guy, a solid drummer and an overall mellow good person.

When I hung with Brad a lot before Sublime formed he mentioned a few people like Eric and another childhood friend but as far as I remember, he never mentioned either of the Vargas brothers.

As you also maybe have read, his brother Matt is the dude rumored to have procured the infamous Raleigh tapes.  Matt either worked at the facility where Raleigh was or he had a buddy who did work there.

I've asked around a little bit about the Vargas brothers and I haven't learned much yet.  I'm pretty sure that they are not childhood friends of Brad or Eric as I thought they might have been.  I have two other theories where Brad or Eric met them.  The most likely to me is that Brad or Eric met one of them at Wilson High School.  Another likely scenario is simply that Brad or Eric met them through friends of friends connected to bands like Juice Bros. or Sloppy Seconds or any other band on the Long Beach scene in the late '80's/ early '90's.

I'm not 100% sure about the regripping thing.  It looks like it might be something to do with bundling cords together for a show or something like that.  I do know that Brad loved his pedal guitar effects and they (and countless other cords) all had to be connected to somewhere.  My guess is that regripping is something to do with this or some other technical thing related to musicians' guitars, amps or other equipment.  I'm also guessing that technology has moved beyond this now so what might have been a challenge in the early '90's is no longer a major problem now days.

I'm waiting to hear back from one person and if their response changes anything, I'll add a follow up to this question.

Take care,



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