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Sublime/New Song lyrics, meaning


I of course have the feeling that New Song is about heroin, but I heard Brad wasn't into that yet at the time of 40 oz??? Can you shed some light on that? And also, can I ask you for the proper lyrics?

Lacking lyric books, and with Brad singing songs differently each time, it's hard to lock down true lyrics.

Here's my best effort:

I heard that payback's a mother fuckin' bitch
But I won't stress and I won't switch
And I would not take my life
Glory please, by God, the only thing on my mind
Takes up all of my time,
And I said, ooh!

Running from a gun
Or some brain that ways a ton
And my God, it hurts to get so low
Searchin' through the cars
Cold, still searchin' through the night
I think I will run, to you, but I refuse to fuss and fight

And God may find a reason
Well I'm sure you'll find a rhyme
Because it takes up nearly all my time
He who stands for freedom
God knows I've got the number
But maybe I just use too much

I was sitting in that bar
I'm sittin' in that stolen car
Cold, still rollin' down the boulevard
Saw you with a gleam
On the microphone scene

Think I will run to you
But I know I won't live for me
Cause I know God's got both, the reason and the rhyme
Please tell me, why he takes up all my time
I've been drinking, just like you
And baby, you've got something I can use

Payback's a mother fuckin' blast
But I won't stress and I won't blast
And I would not take my life
Glory please, by God, comin' from heaven above
Takes up all of my time
And I said

"Why must I feel like that"
Running from a gun
And some brain that ways a ton
You know, I learned that line from Flava' Flav

But, all the D.J.'s do it
All the D.J.'s use it
I would run, I would switch
But I wanna be the same

And I know I'll find a reason
'Cause I always bust a rhyme
Because it takes up nearly all my time
The "T" hear stands for treason
The "D" hear stands for dub

And maybe I just use too,
Maybe I just used too much.

I think you're correct about it being about addiction, the lifestyle of a junkie, but it's also about copping lyrics and dubs like all the DJs. Keep in mind that Bud was struggling with drugs, too, so it's not a subject he was unfamiliar with.

This song lifts some lyrics and samples.

New Song ---- Atomic Dog (George Clinton) [Why must I feel like that?]
New Song ---- Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Public Enemy / Flava Flav) [Runnin' from a gun, or some brain that weighs a ton]



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