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Super random question, I was just wondering, but on the SublimeWiki website, in the Articles section there is an article written about Brad's early days, and its fantastic read. The guy was going by the name "MC Naitch." I was just curious, since it seems you were around during the early days as well, if you were "MC Naitch," or if you knew who he was. I know it's an odd question, but was just curious. Thanks!


This is not an odd question at all.

Yep, MC Naitch is me.  You are officially the 7th person to read what I wrote (ha ha).

The origin of the name MC Naitch is kind of stupid but Brad related.  Brad was very into the first Beastie Boys album, Licensed to Ill, and would play it at full volume when we drove around Santa Cruz.  I wasn't as into them as he was but a little while later, Brad, another friend and I came up with Beastie Boys nicknames.  From King Ad-Rock, we got King Brad Rock. From Mike D we got Mike V (this was for the other friend and roommate).  From MCA we got MC Naitch. Naitch was short for Nature Boy which Brad and others would sometimes call me.

I'm really stoked that you like what I wrote.  I probably should write more and I guess I am by answering questions here on AllExperts.

A criticism of the writings that I heard recently (from the 6th reader) was that they were trivial.  This is generally a fair critique of them because most or all of the various pieces were specific answers to questions I got on the associated web site.  I didn't really want to delete some parts of it even though they might be boring, trivial, or they engender a "Who cares?" response from some.  I thought that it was better to just throw everything up there and let the readers enjoy what they liked and almost discard what they thought was lame or unimportant.

Take care.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I had a feeling it was you! Similar writing style. I loved all of it. Gives a real insider on the man behind the music. I particularly loved the story about his trip to the video store. And I felt that what you said about Michael Happoldt kind of made sense. I mean, I respect him, and I love his band Perro Bravo, but to me it seems like he tries to bank on Sublime and stomp his feet saying, "I was in Sublime!" every chance he gets. I don't know. That's the impression I get.

But anyways, keep writing man! You're very good, and you're doing the people who ask you things on here a great service.

I guess one more question: is G-Man legit or a fraud? He sold me a Skunk 40oz CD with the original "Get Out" and hooked me up with some other stuff in addition to that. He was very nice to me, so can't complain too much I guess. Many people in Facebook groups such as the Perro Bravo fan club say he's a total imposter. I was wondering if you knew him or anything.

And last question: what's your opinion of SWR?

Sorry for so many questions and thanks so much!



Thanks dude for all the great feedback.

Before I forget, shoot me a private question so that I can answer your G-Man question.  I don't know how to change this answer from a public setting to a private one.  

I never knew G-Man "back in the day."  This can definitely be because I was not part of the Sublime crew at all.  I didn't live in Southern California then and I think that I only visited Brad two to three times in Long Beach during the Sublime years.  I would go to shows in the Bay Area when they would come through but G-Man was definitely not part of this traveling posse that I also had limited exposure too.

Sublime and SWR?  The burning question for all music and Sublime fans.  I find it sort of crazy that many Sublime fans are so militantly anti SWR.  Rome's name is almost like Voldemort's, he who's name can not be spoken.  I think that's ridiculous.

I'm officially agnostic when it comes to SWR and Rome.  An awesome Sublime fan, Erik Schaefer, hooked my wife and I up with SWR tickets so we went to a show.  It was super enjoyable and super weird.  It's totally bizarre and sad to see someone else performing Brad's songs.

No, SWR should not have the Sublime name in them (my opinion obviously) because Brad was the heart and soul of Sublime.  Sure Eric and Bud are super important to Sublime but...

Besides making most people associated with Sublime and with SWR a lot of money, SWR serves another important function. It allows many people to see a version of Sublime's music live for the first time.  It also puts Sublime's music back in the spotlight.  It has been argued that SWR is just an overhyped cover band with Eric and Bud in it.  I don't think about it that way. I think that Sublime with Rome is simply the best and closest we will ever get to the original Sublime. They are not Sublime.



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I lived with Brad for two years and I was a close friend of his so I feel like I am pretty qualified to answer some questions about Sublime. I will do my best to answer questions about Bud, Eric, Miguel and of course Brad. I should also be qualified to answer a few questions about Brad's lyrics that are in Spanish. With many topics though, like merchandise, bootlegs, and many other things I am completely under qualified. Refer these questions and any others that require extensive research to Matt (ha, ha, ha.)


Most of my experience in the area obviously comes from living with and hanging out with Brad. I've read the Crazy Fool book twice and I've also watched Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations along with countless other interviews and videos. When it really comes down to it though, I have not become a Sublime scholar like Matt has. If you want a personal insight on some questions then I am your man for the job.

Some of my writings about Sublime have appeared on the Sublime Forum and on the Sublime Wiki.

I am not sure if it matters but I am a college graduate. Adequate writing skills combined with my personal experience enable me to answer many questions. If I don't feel like I can answer a question well, I will tell you so or refer you to Matt.

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I do not financially benefit from anything Sublime. I do not sell or deal with Sublime merchandise, bootlegs or other recordings. My interest in being a Sublime "expert" is mostly altruistic. I've seen a lot of lies, half-truths and exaggerations out there about Brad and Sublime so I would like to debunk some of these myths or falsifications if possible.

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