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Thank you for your insight into your life and times with Brad.

Brad says "This is for you hippie Fu#k at the beginning of the Scarlet Begonias at the Live at Kommotion San Francisco, CA 9/9/94 show. Its on Youtube
It always struck me as being kind of odd until I read your page about living with Brad at UCSC. Then it made sense. Brad also says "never trust a Dead Head" in another song.

My question is, besides not liking the Grateful Dead and Hippies. Did Brad have any other things he disliked ( besides Miguel LOL and thank you for that info? )
Also, someone mention a video store story. Can you send me that link.
Thank you in advance,

Hey Todd,

Your question totally brought back good and funny memories of Brad.  I've been thinking about the 20th anniversary of his passing and there is obviously a lot of sadness in thinking about losing him way too early.

I was at one of the Kommotion shows in San Francisco.  I don't think that I was there for the show that Miguel recorded for the live album.  Brad used to call me a hippie at times but I'm certain that he wasn't talking to me when he said, "You hippie f*ck!"

That was just Brad's sense of humor and the way many punk rock people were back in the 80's and early 90's.  The hippies were a super easy target and some of them were pretty lame at times.  Some were even hippycrits (ha ha).

I can't even say that he disliked Miguel.  They didn't always get along and I don't think that they were "best friends" as some in the media have said but they got along fine most of the time, I think.

I remember clearly when Brad said that he hated the band Rush.  It was just too wanky and self important for him.  He also wasn't a huge fan of metal.  A surprising thing that he was kind of annoyed by (or sick of because he heard it so much) was Bob Marley type roots reggae.  He was more into the Dub Reggae.

I'm probably forgetting a few things that he didn't like but generally Brad was mostly a positive person, curious about many different things.

He really didn't like racism or discrimination of any form.  He also hated being addicted to drugs and was really trying to fight through his addictions.

Send me a quick personal message (non public) and I'll send you the Brad and a video story.

Take care!!


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