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Hey whats up man,hows it goin,im chillnn,I was just curious to know what ever happened to the nostalgic "Brown Guitar" Brad used,that shit was rad,like to whom it went to or is it hangn on someones living room wall or at some museum,second much  would an orig. Jah wont pay the bills cassette demo go for and if you know if some one sells original demos.Last but not least  I actually came here to originally ask if this link on ebay was actually bradleys ibanez guitar for sale or just one like it for sale and too what ever happened to the one he owned like it,heres the link.

Andres Donis-Fellow Long Beachian

Brown Guitar
Brown Guitar  
Andres Donis,

That eBay sale is very misleading but it actually doesn't claim to be Brad's custom Ibanez from Dan MacDonald...just the same setup.

Brad's dad, Jim Nowell has it these days. Attached is a recent photo. I had more, but I can't locate them right now since I'm in Boston on a business trip.

Jah Won't Pay is worth what people will pay for it and that varies wildly. Let's say $440 to be safe, but I've seen $900+ for a sealed version (second press). The green version goes for more. You know it came out on vinyl and cassette on April 16th, right? Jah was just re-released.



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