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Sublime/40 Oz. to Freedom Lyrics


I was listening to 40 Oz. the other day and it struck me that the first couple lines of the song:

You got your hair permed,
You got your red dress on

totally sounds like it's about Gwen Stefani (her famous red dress that Lou Dog apparently bit). Do you know if they had any sort of relationship besides just being friends? Also, just curious in general as to any specifics you might know about that song that might not be common knowledge? Thanks!


I never thought that the song could have been about Gwen. Interesting.

My instinct combined with my hazy memory tell me that the song was very likely not written with Gwen in mind.  Then again, Brad could have combined images and even women for the sake of writing a great song.  I'm not sure why the song has to be about one person or why the song even has to be about a real person.

If the song were to be about one person, it was very likely about Eileen, Brad's main obsession around that time.  

I still clearly remember a conversation that Brad and I had about Gwen Stefani.  He was talking about hanging out and playing with her and he was probably referring to them recording "Saw Red," but I hadn't even heard the song yet.  He said straight out that he wanted something to happen between them but it didn't.  He wished that it did and that she was into him but she wasn't.  I'm pretty sure that nothing happened later because Brad was way too messed up on drugs.

Be sure to ask Matt Maguire about this song because he might know if Brad was influenced by a certain song or songs when writing it.  He also might have borrowed or slightly altered some of the lyrics from a song that he heard somewhere.  


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Most of my experience in the area obviously comes from living with and hanging out with Brad. I've read the Crazy Fool book twice and I've also watched Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations along with countless other interviews and videos. When it really comes down to it though, I have not become a Sublime scholar like Matt has. If you want a personal insight on some questions then I am your man for the job.

Some of my writings about Sublime have appeared on the Sublime Forum and on the Sublime Wiki.

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