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Sublime/Waiting for my ruca


juggalette BRIA wrote at 2007-12-10 20:15:21
i just have to  say,

waiting for my ruca

is my faovrite ong ever!

it has such a good beat

the lyrics are a bit confusing

ri wrote at 2008-04-14 21:50:36
I definitely think that "ruca" and "heina" are different girls the only thing that seems inconsistent with this theory is that throughout the song the girl is called romona

the first half of the song takes place at a party, which he was taken to by a girl who is interested in him, he does not reflect this same interest and the first half ends with

"ramona please step back"

yet she still becomes the narrators ruca or "girlfriend" (not necessarily an affectionate word though)

"Now shes my ruca, I'm barely waiting for my heina."

so while he has this girl now he can barely wait for his heina or "lover" (a much more affection term)

"And now I'm waiting for my ruca

And I barely pulled up with my heina"

and again these lines seem to show a transition from one girl to the next.

laura justine wrote at 2008-10-08 20:25:37
ok so I've been looking this song up all day for a school project and I've gathered a couple various things to add to these interpretations

-the part where he says 'right now shes selling oranges by the freeway' is referring to gwen stefani, check out the cover of no doubt's album called tragic kingdom also on the dvd from everything under the sun box set she comes on stage and sings saw red with brad and refers to him as Bradley. this could explain why it says 'your not the only one but your the best Bradley'

-punk rock changed our lives is a reference to the song history lesson part II by the minutemen from the album nickels on the dime and brad thanks mike watt & d.boon on the last track on 40oz

-there are many ideas of what the bo bo part means, and yes i am pretty sure it is not buck bop that is being said because if I'm not mistaken it says bo bo on the actual lyrics in the album. i think that the most plausible explanation for this is the influence of krs-one on sublime considering the song is dedicated to him. he made the term famous and it would make sense that that is where its coming from.

-as for the terms ruca and heina, there are many different interpretations for the words and it makes it almost impossible to figure out what the song means.

i hope that i was helpful for some aspects of interpreting the meaning of the song. I'm not an expert but I'm a sublime addict and this is my favorite song. this is just my input, it could be right and it could be wrong. all in all songs are meant to be interpreted by the listeners and its really up to you to believe what you want about the song.

Svaldez724 wrote at 2016-08-07 15:16:23
ruca and heina mean girlfriend in Spanish, at least in east LA where I've lived for the past 30 years. that makes sense where he says now I'm waiting for my ruca / Ramona. and that she's selling oranges off the freeway (a stereotypical job for Mexicans.and Ramona is a common Mexican name usually shortened to Mona.


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