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Sugar Gliders/Sugar Glidar Diet


Kerry wrote at 2013-09-07 05:53:13
Hi Betty & Valerie,

I do know of another thing that is toxic to give your Sugar Glider...GRAPES are very TOXIC for them. They are also not good for dogs says my vet who works with EXOCTIC ANIMALS!!!

Sugar Gliders

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I can answer general questions about Sugar Gliders and their care. I am NOT a vet, so can give limited information about health issues. Since gliders are so new to the domesticated scene, no one can really be considered an "expert," but I can give advice as an experienced, knowledgeable "amateur."


I have been a glider breeder for about eight years. I have nine gliders and their offspring. I have also done a lot of research about Sugar Gliders.

I have almost completed my studies at the Sugar Glider University.

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