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Alyssa wrote at 2014-09-19 17:38:15
I have a male that I've had for about two years. I boil chicken and he LOVES it also something that is very important for them to have is gliderade. Its powder that's full of vitamins and minerals, I give it to him every night. You can also get some meal worms from a feed store. He also loves dried apricot.

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I can answer general questions about Sugar Gliders and their care. I am NOT a vet, so can give limited information about health issues. Since gliders are so new to the domesticated scene, no one can really be considered an "expert," but I can give advice as an experienced, knowledgeable "amateur."


I have been a glider breeder for about eight years. I have nine gliders and their offspring. I have also done a lot of research about Sugar Gliders.

I have almost completed my studies at the Sugar Glider University.

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