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Sugar Gliders/my baby is lost in my house


brey wrote at 2010-11-05 11:32:14
my sugar glider is lost right this very minute and i havent seen her for 2 days now... please pray for me!

Alyssa Johnson wrote at 2015-08-25 17:23:19
I realize this question is from 2010 this is for future readers.  Mine was lost and I ended up finding him stuck in an old printer in the top of the closet.  Unfortunately it was too late, very upsetting.  Neither him nor his cage mate barked for help, which I am unsure why.  One of them had gotten themselves into a big vase before and he barked for help then. I turned the vase over so no future accidents.  I always felt bad leaving them in their cage so I let them have the whole back bedroom to themselves and they would usually be in the cage by morning other times I would find them in a shoes or boot.  I will no longer allow this unsupervised play time. =( Hope this helps anyone who is looking for their sugar baby. Coat pockets handing up are another place they like to sleep together.

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I can answer general questions about Sugar Gliders and their care. I am NOT a vet, so can give limited information about health issues. Since gliders are so new to the domesticated scene, no one can really be considered an "expert," but I can give advice as an experienced, knowledgeable "amateur."


I have been a glider breeder for about eight years. I have nine gliders and their offspring. I have also done a lot of research about Sugar Gliders.

I have almost completed my studies at the Sugar Glider University.

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