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Bkru wrote at 2013-03-21 08:05:13
I'm no expert on gliders but I also had a 6 month old male and be hated me.  I kept a t shirt I'm his cage for scent and at night I'd leave the cage open and I had a secure bed room and id leave treats out for him like carrots or baby food and let him have the run of my room eventually he started coming to my bed and would hang out on my bed post and when is wake up in the morning he woukd be back in his pouch.  Then I started offering him gaterade in a small cup and he woukd come drink from it and let me pet him as he drank as the days went on he now is very tame and a bit of a trouble maker it's almost like he knocks things over just to get my attention.  

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I have owned Sugar Gliders for many years now, and though I only breed them as a hobby I have done extensive research on their peculiarities. As a hobby breeder I spend a large amount of time with each of the gliders I own.. We have some of the most affectionate Gliders I have personally ever seen due in part to the time and dedication our family puts into their care. I study them nightly & have come to learn so much about them. I also aid in the private rescue of unwanted gliders in my state & have successfully rehabilitated many of them, enabling them to be placed into new homes.

I am a former Surgical Veterinarian Technician & have extensive exotic, wild & domestic animal experience in my background.

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