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judy wrote at 2015-05-04 20:04:25
I have had four gliders for a few years now.

please get him a friend but introduce them gradually.

Bonding: dont worry this will take awhile. gliders are all different. once he gets a buddy, even one in another cage next to him, this will help.

IMPORTANT: buy some "yogies" they are great treats and gliders love them. Mine love the ones I buy from ATTIC WORX.

HOld a yogie in your fingers, and just wait a few minutes, he will hate your hand being there, but their curiosity will get the better of him and he will come over to investigate. Once he smells the yogie, he will eventually come pluck it out of your hand. that is a big step. repeat as necessary.

also take something that has your smell on it and put it in his cage...smell familiarity is huge w gliders. buy a bonding pouch put him in it w apple slice, carry  him around while you do other things. give him a massage while hes in bag. you do this everyday, he WILL TAME.  

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I have owned Sugar Gliders for many years now, and though I only breed them as a hobby I have done extensive research on their peculiarities. As a hobby breeder I spend a large amount of time with each of the gliders I own.. We have some of the most affectionate Gliders I have personally ever seen due in part to the time and dedication our family puts into their care. I study them nightly & have come to learn so much about them. I also aid in the private rescue of unwanted gliders in my state & have successfully rehabilitated many of them, enabling them to be placed into new homes.

I am a former Surgical Veterinarian Technician & have extensive exotic, wild & domestic animal experience in my background.

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