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What Could Be Wrong With My Sugar Glider If Its Not Moving, but It's Wimping.

I assume you mean its making noise? A number of things can be wrong and a number of things could have caused it. Your glider could be severely dehydrated or it could be paralyzed from a issue called MBD.

In order for me to pin point it better, I would need to know the gliders age, what it eats on a daily basis (everything) and if its kept alone or with other gliders. A down glider is not a good sign though and they often will pass soon if they do not receive medical care, so I would find a vet who specializes in exotic pets (not a dog or cat vet) and take the glider in to be looked at.

They will likely put it on a hot water bottle, give it a IV and some antibiotics and will suggest it stay over night to be cared for, if you are given the option do NOT take the glider home to care for it. I did this several times (all to save a dollar) and its a pain and the gliders never lived. The ones I have rescued that were ill and taken to see a vet were all kept over night and most lived and are still alive.

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Amber Barrett


I can answer most questions on sugar gliders. What to do before, during and after pregnancy, how to tame babies or adults, dietary questions, housing, etc. I can not properly diagnose or take place of vetrinary care for a glider but I can give suggestions.


I have had and raised sugar gliders for over 12 years, I currently own 10 gliders and have done my fair share of research on gliders.

Extensive research on gliders, owning numerous gliders throughout the years.

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