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My sugarglider licked mouthwash, is it bad for her??

My gliders have eaten my bath and body works hand soap before, yes it is bad for them but most of the time they take such a small amount that its just digested and gone in a day or so. If she drank a lot then I would watch her, if she starts to have odd looking stools or becomes very clumsy or ill then I would take her in to be looked at ASAP by a exotics vet, not your neighborhood dog and cat vet. They have no idea what they are doing when they treat a glider.

I would say she is fine though, just don't allow her to play when stuff like that is out. Or put it away where she cant get to it. You really have to child proof your home when you have gliders. I have a room for mine and its empty (except for their cages and toys) and I had to put covers on all the electrical sockets because they would get nosey and stick their hand or nose in it.

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I can answer most questions on sugar gliders. What to do before, during and after pregnancy, how to tame babies or adults, dietary questions, housing, etc. I can not properly diagnose or take place of vetrinary care for a glider but I can give suggestions.


I have had and raised sugar gliders for over 12 years, I currently own 10 gliders and have done my fair share of research on gliders.

Extensive research on gliders, owning numerous gliders throughout the years.

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