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QUESTION: My wife & I got a female glider (Mya) that used to be paired w/another female (Zoey). A month after we got Mya we got a neutered male (Zues). It was love@ first sight. Two months  later, we were able to get her old friend (Zoey).  Problem is, now the two old friends don't get along at all. Mya always goes on the attack, but Zoey & Zues are good buddies. How do we reconnect the two old friends w/out Mya going on the attack? Mya is much bigger than Zoey, so we are scared she will hurt her. What can we do, if anything?      Thanks, Josh

ANSWER: Well my recommendation would be to start from scratch using various bonding techniques..(you can read about bonding techniques in my past articles)

In my experience as sometimes in human life 2 females can be very "catty" when it comes to males.. I have had better success pairing 2 males together than 2 females as they are very territorial especially when it comes to another male.. if you remove the male most likely they will be fine after some time.. but to avoid all altercations if you are unable to bond them together I would either obtain another cage and another male for your 3rd wheel,.. or find her a new home..

Thanks & Good LUCK..!!


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QUESTION: We have already tried all the bonding techniques, but Zues has always been around. Should we remove him when trying to reconnect the old friends?  We have another cage that Zoey stats in & it faces Zues & Mya s cage. We are always switching Zues back & forth because both females adore him.  We want so badly to have a happy family, its just that Mya its making it hard.  Thanks again,  Josh

Yes I would recommend that you try removing him temporarily while they re-establish their friendship (if they can).. also we recommend bonding them during the daylight hours.. if Zeus is removed and you join Zoey & Mya in the same cage chances are Zoey will climb into the pouch w/ Mya and both will nap quietly for many hours which will instill each other's scent into one another's subconscious therefore strengthening the bond..

also as a secondary measure you may try 2 separate bonding pouched combined to one larger bonding pouch.. this will keep them separate but close like a bonding pouch is intended to do..


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