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What will the mother do with the babies if they die in the pouch? My glider has had babies in the pouch for a little over 2 months and I havent seen any sign of them coming out yet.

If the babies die the parents will dispose of the fetuses..
As you may be aware sugar gliders are born twice, the second "birthing" is from the pouch also known as OOP.. this it the "birth date" most people use when determining age..
But babies are in the pouch up to three months or so,.. you will know the babies are healthy by the size of the lumps in momma's pouch.. as the babies get bigger the lumps will grow, and keep growing until they simply cannot fit in momma's pouch any longer.. have you been monitoring the size of her lumps..?? What more have you noticed..??

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I have owned Sugar Gliders for many years now, and though I only breed them as a hobby I have done extensive research on their peculiarities. As a hobby breeder I spend a large amount of time with each of the gliders I own.. We have some of the most affectionate Gliders I have personally ever seen due in part to the time and dedication our family puts into their care. I study them nightly & have come to learn so much about them. I also aid in the private rescue of unwanted gliders in my state & have successfully rehabilitated many of them, enabling them to be placed into new homes.

I am a former Surgical Veterinarian Technician & have extensive exotic, wild & domestic animal experience in my background.

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