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QUESTION: Some how I Glidersitter for a lady and she never came back the male was very malnurished, so I kept him he is not fixed , needless to say now to fat.  I got him a fixed friend and we were doing great not sure what happen.  The unfixed one bites so bad the friendly one now starting to bite and now they wont come out and play.   We have 2 dogs and a cat and they were just fine watching from afar. But Now nobody will comeout and and play or  anything.  They are picky eaters dont wont glider food just real food.  Please help

ANSWER: Are they both males? Even fixed 2 males should never be together, they will wind up killing eachother. It needs to be female female or female male with one of them fixed. If they are 2 males then that's your problem, one finally became dominant and they will never get along. If it's a male and female then they sound stressed due to something. Whether it be not enough toys, to small of cage, no human interaction or something the cat or dog is doing.
    You will just have to change stuff around and see what does or does not help them, if they start to get worse then seperate them for sure and mabye even make a vet trip. Stressed gliders usually will start self mutilation once they are stressed enough and once they start that there's really no going back

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer.  And I am sorry for my spelling I have MS and sometimes words do not come out right.  I have had them almost a year and ahalf. 1is neutered and 1 is not, they are best of friends the neutered one is very protective of the older one which is very over wait.  They have not self mutilated at all.  It seems to be be that they want nothing to do with me. It is hard to separate them they panic. But they actually  sit in the bag last night and I just pet them till they went to sleep. I know they need to run and play but the fat one wont and the other does not want to leave him. I put them in another room for a couple days and then I had to put them back in to living room, I would swear the fat one was crying and thought I was getting rid of him because he sit on my chest and just keep looking at me. I would never get rid of him . He had over 7  homes that I know of. Please help me figure a way to get them to play & eat right.

What are you feeding them? They should have a endless supply of a staple such as monkey pellets, as well as bugs and berries and they should be getting a variety of fresh fruits daily along with their gliderade. No canned fruits. You may want to take the over weight one to the vet. A number of medical problems can be causing him to be obese and carry the weight. It will take a long time but all you can do is slowly work with them, they may crab and bite you but just take them out in a safe room together and let them do as they please. They need stumilation though. If you are not providing it for them, such as teaching them tricks and giving them fun activities and toys when they are out. They will rely on eachother for enjoyment and ignore you because they dont really feel a need for you basically. I have a rescued kinkajou that was never really played with and she will ignore me 100% unless I have food for her but even then she does not want to interact with me at all and I have been trying for the past 8 months with her and we are just now starting to get better. Without seeing them myself there is really no way for me to tell you how to fix their behavior or if they are even being out of the ordinary for a glider. You will have to read some on them and watch their behavior to see how they are acting and if its normal. Every glider is different, one will be super social and another will just want to be left alone. This can even happen with twin babies that were handled the same.

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