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Hello!  This morning my son found his glider laying in the bottom of the cage.  She is not moving much at all and is not active.  We took her to a vet and he listened to her breathing, looked at tongue, and felt her nose.  He didn't seem to think she was dehydrated yet, but recommened pedialyte.  At the vet she was a little more active, but before we ever made it home she fell backwards and just wiggled around.  Her arms were stretched out and my son is in a panic.

Alot of things can cause this, I will need to know somemore about her. Is she kept alone or is she caged with other gliders? how big is the cage, what is her age and what is her daily diet. After I know all this I can sort of better pin point what it could be. You can start giving her small amounts of the pedialyte around the clock by a small syringe. Offer it every hour but dont force it if she refuses. Also try to let her be as much as possible. Watch her with the liquid though, the electrolytes have been known to cause eating issues with them for some reason.

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I can answer most questions on sugar gliders. What to do before, during and after pregnancy, how to tame babies or adults, dietary questions, housing, etc. I can not properly diagnose or take place of vetrinary care for a glider but I can give suggestions.


I have had and raised sugar gliders for over 12 years, I currently own 10 gliders and have done my fair share of research on gliders.

Extensive research on gliders, owning numerous gliders throughout the years.

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