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i have a sugar glider i am not sure of the sex on cause it bites and it balding bad on its head trying to figure out what i can do to fix this problem where i live we don't have a vet that takes care of sugar gliders

It sounds like the glider is stressed, gliders tend to bald and cause self mutilation when they are depresses or stressed. Is it a single glider? They basically HAVE to be kept in pairs since they are so social, keeping a single glider can cause bad depression or stress. Is they cage to small or are there to few of toys? I change my gliders toys out weekly when I clean and they get anywhere from 5-10 toys put in their cage at any given time. They get bored very quickly so you have to keep adding new things. The cage size can be a issue as well, minimum a cage for 2 gliders should be 2 foot wide, by 3 foot long, by 4 foot tall. Anything smaller and the gliders will become frantic.
  This also could be due to poor diet. Is he/she getting a staple (such as monkey pellets), gliderade, bugs and berries and fresh fruit and veggies daily? These items MUST be given every single day without fail.
  Gliders are very sensitive and very needy animals. Most people dont believe it when they come buy babies from me and I explain all the care they actually need and how much food they need and what it will cost and usually in a month or so I get the glider back because they fed it wrong or they did not listen and it became stressed out.
  Even if it means driving far you need to find a vet who is very familiar with gliders, not just one that agrees to see the animal. That or find a well known breeder and the glider needs to be seen. If it has any of these issues that I listed it will eventually die. That or if the stress becomes bad you could wind up with it chewing its arms and tail off. I have been given a few gliders that get this bad and its not fun to deal with, so try and fix it while you can.
  If none of these options are do-able then I would look for a someone to take the glider who has others and knows alot about them to see if they can help.
  The biting could just be due to it not being very tame, but again could also be a stress issue so I would leave the glider alone so that further stress is not brought on. Hope everything gets better. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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