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Sugar Gliders/Glider Pair Differences


Hi, I have a few questions about my sugar gliders and I was hoping you could help.  I have a pair of sugar gliders, once that I got by herself and one that I purchased a few months later after doing some research and finding that they really need to have at least one other glider around.

My first glider only eats a little bit here and there (unless I break out the mealworms) where as my second glider is a huuuuuge glutton.  She's so bad that she'll start nibbling on the toes of my first glider in order to make her back away from the food dishes that I set out.  I currently have to monitor their eating when I feed them in order to make sure my first glider gets more than just a small bit of the fresh food.  I would try just giving them more food so that they don't need to fight over it, but the second glider is getting pretty chubby (she's almost twice the weight of the first one!) and I'm trying to ration her food just a little bit, though nothing extreme.

Do you know of any way to get them on more of an equal food consumption level besides needing to monitor them?  I don't mind doing it, but I hate seeing the littler one get bullied.

Also, I am going on a weekend trip soon and all my glider sitters are out of town those days as well.  I have some pellet food from Suncoast that I put in with them as a "staple food" if they're still hungry (mostly for the little one).  Will that be good enough to cover the extra night I'll be away?

Thank you so much!

Hi Emily, its not uncommon for one glider to become the dominant one in the cage. I actually have a similar group of 3 gliders and one is a total porker and food hog and the others could care less about eating really. I have not yet found a real solution to this issue aside from getting 2 bowls. I have 2 bowls for my bugs and berries, 2 for my staple food and 2 for fresh fruit.
 For the most part it allows them to be spread out, although the bossy one does tend to go on a rampage and try and be at every bowl at once. As long as the other glider is not getting hurt and she is not showing any signs of stress, any hairloss, weightloss or illness, I wouldnt worry to much. They know how much they need to eat to be ok. I would try getting another bowl, put them in different areas and see how that goes. Even if its just a little tray or lid you put on the bottom of the cage.
   I would watch the other gliders weight though, they are known for getting diabetes believe it or not and some go a little overboard when it comes to their fruit. Also try adding more veggies in with their fruit if you dont already to keep it more balanced and not so heavy with sugars.
  As for the food while you go out of town, that should be more than fine. I always make sure to have a friend or my boyfriend (who usually does glider duty) check on my gliders daily if ever Im gone and usually I dont worry about fruits or anything special if Im only leaving for a few days. If its more than 3/4 days though someone will need to give them some fruits.

  You can email me at if you have anymore questions about foods to give them or anything else, let me know if you do the double bowls and if it works or not.

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